Study Abroad

About the School in Cortona

Are you curious? Do you like to think and play with ideas, see how things fit together and are excited about the opportunity to live in Europe for a semester? Do you take your studies seriously, and want a full immersion experience in Italy making Italian friends and can laugh at yourself while you master basic Italian? 

Does working and living with a group of students appeal to you? Do you like working in teams and contribute to a positive learning environment? Do you want to participate in and not just observe life? Are you interested in Italy and curious to learn about its rich history and willing to open yourself to the magic of Cortona? 

If you answered yes to these questions, apply today! We are accepting applications from students who want an exciting and stimulating academic experience in order to understand themselves better. Be warned, a side effect of participating in the School in Cortona is making lifelong friends with whom you've shared an experience of a lifetime!