University of Alberta Fall 2020 Planning

Many unknowns still exist globally and locally when it comes to COVID-19 and what lies ahead. While public health authorities have not indicated any definitive timelines for current prevention measures and restrictions affecting our community, university planners can still plan ahead with flexibility using the informed advice of public health, pandemic, and emergency management experts.

The University of Alberta has established a Fall 2020 Planning Group of a steering committee and six sub-groups to oversee planning for the Fall 2020 Academic Term. Their planning activities will be guided by a set of principles, three main and adaptable scenarios according to the various prevention measures and restrictions, and three key goals:

  • To provide the best possible learning experience for our students.
  • To maximize research activities throughout the pandemic.
  • To continue to use this period to propel innovation, efficiency, and relevance in our research, our work, and our classrooms as a leading global research university.

See the University of Alberta Fall Semester Scenario Planning document for additional details

The vision, principles, planning assumptions and three adaptable planning scenarios of the Fall 2020 Planning Group were approved by the President’s Executive Committee on April 16 and presented to the General Faculties Council on April 20.


The Fall 2020 Planning Group will develop a unified plan according to three guiding scenarios to address all functions and operations necessary for the university to fulfil its mission as of the Fall 2020 Academic Term. 

Next Steps

  • April - May: Planning and consultation
  • June: University leadership review and governance approval of Fall 2020 unified plan
  • July: Implementation begins based on preventative measures as of July 1, 2020

Fall 2020 Oversight Committee

The Fall 2020 Oversight Committee is composed of leaders from across administrative units and faculties.

Committee Membership
  • Andrew Sharman, Vice-President, Facilities and Operations, and Executive Lead, U of A COVID-19 Response (Chair)
  • James Allen, Associate Vice-President, Operations and Maintenance
  • Marj Cayford, Senior HR Partner, Human Resource Services
  • Andre Costopoulos, Vice-Provost and Dean of Students
  • Martin Coutts, Associate Vice-President, Finance and Supply Management Services
  • Walter Dixon, Associate Vice-President, Research, Research and Innovation
  • Jillian Hamilton, Strategic Communications and Issues Manager, University Relations
  • Katherine Huising, Associate Vice-President, Ancillary Services
  • Andrew Leitch, Director, Enterprise Risk Management Programs
  • Mike MacGregor, Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President, Information Services & Technology
  • Brooke Milne, Vice-Provost and Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research
  • Rob Murno, Director, Environment, Health & Safety, Risk Management Services
  • Melissa Padfield, Vice-Provost & University Registrar
  • Steve Patten, Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Arts
  • Wayne Patterson, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Human Resources
  • Wendy Rodgers, Deputy Provost
  • Chad Schulz, Director, Financial Services
  • Andrea Smith, Senior Administrative Officer, University Relations
  • Philip Stack, Associate Vice-President, Risk Management Services
  • Fred West, Professor, Faculty of Science 


Six sub-groups have been formed by the Fall 2020 Planning Oversight Committee to tackle planning and provide guidance on six overarching areas on behalf of the university. Below are the sub-groups and their chairs.

Academic Impact Group and Action Teams
  • Melissa Padfield, Office of the Registrar (Chair)
  • Allen Ball, Faculty of Arts
  • Maryam Bagheritari, Faculty Relations
  • Anne Bailey, University Relations, Strategic Communications
  • Bryan Braul, Faculty of Extension
  • Jason Carey, Faculty of Engineering
  • Gerda DeVries, Faculty of Science
  • Shana Dion, Dean of Students, Student Services
  • Wendy Doughty, Dean of Students, Student Services
  • Edith Finczak, Office of the Provost
  • Tammy Hopper, General Faculties Council, Academic Standards Committee
  • Jeff Johnson, School of Public Health
  • Kerrie Johnston, Faculty of Science
  • Mike MacGregor, Information Services & Technology
  • Janice Miller-Young, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Brooke Milne, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
  • Karsten Mundel, Augustana
  • Rebecca Nagel, Faculty of Arts
  • John Nychka, General Faculties Council, Committee on the Learning Environment
  • Jeff Rawlings, Information Services & Technology
  • Christy Raymond, Faculty of Nursing
  • Weiwei Shi, Libraries and Museums
  • Helen Vallianatos, Dean of Students, Student Services
  • Doug Weir, University of Alberta International

Action Team #1: Online Instructional Support

  • John Nychka, Lead: Office of the Provost
  • Jason Carey, Co-Lead: Engineering
  • Ball, Allen: Arts
  • Berg, Peter 
  • Braul, Bryan: Extension
  • Dambrowitz, Amy: RO
  • de Vries, Gerda: Science
  • Doughty, Wendy: Deans of Students
  • MacGregor, Mike: IST
  • Pate, Graeme: CTL
  • Peters, Kate: Office of the Provost
  • Shi, Weiwei: Libraries
  • Watson, Ellen: CTL
  • Administrative Support: Carley Roth: Office of the Provost

Action Team #2: Academic Standards and Programs

  • Tammy Hopper, Lead: Office of the Provost
  • Karsten Mündel, Co-Lead/Back-up
  • Carey, Jason: Engineering
  • de Vries, Gerda: Science
  • Nagel, Rebecca: Arts
  • Patrick, Andrea: Office of the Provost
  • Raymond, Christy: Nursing
  • Rodenburg, Norma: RO
  • Vallianatos, Helen: Dean of Students
  • Administrative Support: Carley Roth: Office of the Provost

Action Team #3: Registrarial / Technical Supports

  • Norma Rodenburg, Lead: RO
  • Amy Dambrowitz, Co-Lead: RO
  • Carey, Jason: Engineering
  • Dion, Shana: Dean of Students
  • Hidson, Tom: Office of the Registrar
  • Mündel, Karsten: Augustana
  • Nagel, Rebecca: Arts
  • Johnston, Kerrie: Science
  • Peters, Kate: Office of the Provost
  • Ulmer, Jaylene: Office of the Registrar
  • Vocioni, Anna: Office of the Registrar
  • Weir, Doug: UofA International
  • Administrative Support: Erin Clarke, Office of the Registrar

Action Team #4: Student Services

  • Helen Vallianatos, Co-Lead: Dean of Students
  • Doug Weir, Co-Lead: UofA International
  • Ball, Allen: Arts
  • Bell, Mebbie: Dean of Students
  • Causgrove Dunn, Janice: FGSR
  • Johnson, Janice: Residences
  • Johnston, Lindsay: Libraries
  • Kagisye, Juste: CSJ
  • Lee, Jane: Office of the Registrar
  • Mundel, Karsten: Augustana
  • Naylor, Julie: Science
  • Raboud, Don: Engineering
  • Administration Support: Jenny Turner, University of Alberta International

Action Team #5: Graduate Programs

  • Brooke Milne, Lead: FGSR
  • Bryan Hogeveen, Co-Lead: FGSR
  • Carey, Jason: Engineering
  • Causgrove Dunn, Janice: FGRS
  • Gaudry, Adam: Native Students
  • Johnson, Jeff: School of Public Health
  • Manns, Trish: Rehab Medicine
  • McDermott, Mark: Science
  • Ostegaard, Hanne: FoMD
  • Ruetalo, Victoria: FGSR
  • Shiri, Ali: FGSR
  • Harder, Geoff: Libraries
  • Vallianatos, Helen: Dean of Students
  • Administrative Support: Andrea Riewe: FGSR
Communications Working Group
  • Andrea Smith, University Relations (Co-Chair)
  • Jillian Hamilton, University Relations, Crisis Management Team Communications (Co-Chair)
  • Anne Bailey, University Relations, Strategic Communications
  • Laurie Wang, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Rob Desjardins, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
  • Sheila Graham, Faculty of Arts
  • Michelle Hagen, University Relations, Social Media
  • Brittany Hurlburt, Facilities & Operations
  • Julia Jones-Bourque, University of Alberta International
  • Alexis Ksiazkiewicz, University Relations, Government and Community Relations
  • Tia Lalani, Augustana
  • Jocelyn Love, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
  • Jennifer-Anne Pascoe, Faculty of Science
  • Tim Schneider, University Relations, Digital
  • Jaylene Ulmer, Office of the Registrar
Faculty and Staff Working Group
  • Marj Cayford, Human Resource Services (Chair)
  • Stacey Brennan, Faculty of Arts
  • Kendra Brunt, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Bryan Hogeveen, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
  • Katherine Huising, Facilities & Operations, Ancillary Services
  • Brian Pearson, Faculty Relations
  • Andrea Smith, University Relations
  • Aneta Thompson, Faculty of Engineering
  • Demetres Tryphonopoulos, Augustana Campus
  • Jeremy Wilhelm, Human Resource Services
  • Crystal Wood, Human Resource Services
Finance and Resource Working Group
  • Martin Coutts, Financial Services & Supply Management (Co-chair)
  • Chad Schulz, Financial Services, Integrated Finance & Resource Planning (Co-Chair)
  • Stephen Edge, Financial Services, Resource Planning
  • Edith Finczak, Office of the Provost
  • Amy Gong, Financial Services, Resource Planning
  • Sara Horseman, Financial Services, Resource Planning
  • Kyle Shukaliak, Financial Services, Resource Planning
  • Andrea Smith, University Relations
  • All Senior Financial Officers, as required (Finance Management Committee)
Infrastructure and Operations Working Group
  • James Allen, Facilities and Operations, Operations and Maintenance (Co-Chair)
  • Katherine Huising, Facilities and Operations, Ancillary Service (Co-Chair)
  • Dale Askey, Libraries and Museums
  • Lorna Baker-Perri, Facilities and Operations, Space Management
  • John Benson, Facilities and Operations, Building Services
  • Laura Boisvert, Faculty of Education
  • Tam Connelly, Facilities and Operations, Augustana
  • Rick Fix, Information Services & Technology
  • Cheryl Harwardt, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
  • Jennifer Hibbert Faculty of Arts
  • Brittany Hurlburt, Facilities and Operations, Communications
  • Alana Krahn, Students’ Union
  • Dolores March, Facilities and Operations, Ancillary Services
  • Kim Misfeldt, Augustana
  • Craig Moore, Facilities and Operations, Real Estate
  • Andrew Ng, Facilities and Operations, Strategic Portfolio Services
  • Jon O’Hara, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Rob Pawliuk, Facilities and Operations, Operations and Maintenance
  • Geoff Rode, Facilities and Operations, Ancillary Services
  • Tobie Smith, Faculty of Science
  • Christian Tremblay, Campus Saint-Jean
  • Marc Waddingham, Graduate Students' Association
  • Kevin Watts, Information Services & Technology
  • Todd Werre, Facilities and Operations, Project Management
Research Impact Group
  • Walter Dixon, Research and Innovation (Co-Chair)
  • Rob Munro, Environment, Health and Safety, Crisis Management Team (Co-Chair)
  • Declan Ali, Faculty of Science
  • Dale Askey, Libraries and Museums
  • Susan Babcock, Research Ethics Office
  • Katherine Binhammer, Faculty of Arts
  • David Bressler, Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Scott Delinger, Information Services & Technology
  • Nadir Erbilgin, Field Research Office
  • Jillian Hamilton, University Relations, Crisis Management Team Communications
  • Keith Hollands, Facilities and Operations, Engineering & Technical Services
  • Richard Lehner, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Andre McDonald, Faculty of Engineering
  • Sharon Murphy, Libraries and Museums
  • Tracy Raivio, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
  • Michelle Rooker, Environment, Health and Safety
  • Mara Simmonds, Research and Innovation, Communications
  • Michael Walesiak, Research and Innovation, Finance & Administration
  • Craig Wilkinson, Research Ethics Office, University Veterinarian

Planning for your unit, team or class

Adjustments to your current Fall 2020 planning should be made in consultation with your unit’s leadership team. They are connected to this planning process and will be able to ensure any concerns or considerations you have are brought forward to the appropriate planning group in a timely manner. Many thanks in advance for your patience.


Should you have any concerns or questions about Fall 2020 planning, please first touch base with your supervisor, dean, director or chair as they will best be able to address any inquiries specific to your team or situation.

General questions about University of Alberta Fall 2020 planning can be sent to