12 Ways U of A is Getting Fall Ready

U of A is Getting Fall Ready

Updated: August 17, 2021

These are 12 ways we’re preparing for a safe return to our campuses. For more on how the U of A will stay safe this year, visit Campus 2021-22. Please note that safety protocols remain subject to change according to public health restrictions.

1. Vaccinations

We’re supporting public health vaccination efforts. Starting September 1, you will need to confidentially self-declare your vaccination status before coming to U of A campuses. Vaccination clinics are also available on campus.

2. Health Screening

Students, faculty and staff will continue to use the Alberta Health Daily Checklist each day before coming to campus, and will stay home if sick.

3. Masks

Non-medical face masks must be worn in all public indoor areas on campuses with few exceptions.

4. Physical Distancing

No more strict hockey stick lengths required this fall. Instead, while we all adjust, respectful physical distancing and smaller groups will be encouraged whenever possible.

5. Contact Tracing

We’re supporting enhanced contact tracing efforts. Students and employees can use Here@UAlberta to easily share the buildings and rooms they visit while on campus.

6. Cleaning & Sanitization

Strict cleaning and sanitation protocols will be followed, with a focus on washrooms, high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas. 

7. Building Ventilation

University building ventilation (HVAC) systems meet all industry standards. They are designed to circulate fresh air safely and are continually monitored.

8. Personal Hygiene

Practicing good hygiene habits -- including frequent handwashing, sanitizing and covering your cough and sneeze -- is encouraged, expected, and always appreciated.

9. Individual Awareness

All students, faculty and staff will be expected to complete a short return to campus safety eLearning course before coming back to our campuses. 

10. Rapid Response

Quick reaction processes will continue to be used to manage any cases of COVID-19 on our campuses.

11. Campus Density

About 80% of our academic community will be on campus and all campus and student service points will be open again by September. Most administrative and support staff will return to campus gradually between October and January. 

12. Students, Faculty and Staff Supports

Transition back to campus safely with advice and guidance from student services and advisors, or your supervisor and HR service partner. Various resources are available to suit your needs.