Tips for COVID-19 Safety Conversations

The health and safety of our campus community is a shared responsibility. One of the ways we can keep each other safe is by knowing how to have healthy conversations about the actions that we can take to stay safe. It’s in working together that we can do this.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when having a conversation about COVID-19 safety actions and campus requirements:

on approach

Illustration of an individual looking at their laptop

Know the rules. Stay up-to-date with the campus Safety Measures General Directives

Illustration of a masked person approaching two unmasked people

Stay calm and approach with compassion. Approach individuals how you would like to be approached: non-confrontationally and with kindness. 

Illustration of a masked person showing their phone to an unmasked person

Ask and share the basics. Check to see if they’re familiar with the applicable safety measures and let them know where to look for more information. Acknowledge that safety measures have evolved over time and they may not know the latest measures. 

Illustration of two masked people, one of whom is touching their chest in an expression of gratitude

Express your gratitude. When they comply, share your thanks. They’re doing their part to help keep our community safe.

Illustration of a masked person walking away from an unmasked person

If needed, just disengage. If an individual is not open to the conversation, then the best course of action you can take is to walk away and model the good behaviour you’re advocating for.

Looking for more tips?

For more detailed advice, check out these quick tip sheets for: