Building Access and Amenity Status

Building access and amenities may continue to be limited to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  1. Buildings will be open to all staff, students and the public during scheduled/normal operational periods. Faculty, staff and students will continue to have ONEcard access to university buildings as assigned by departmental facility access control administrators (FACAs) for after-hours building access.
  2. Please note that UAPS and F&O do not have the capacity to respond to building or office access requests. Therefore, Faculty and staff need to contact their department APOs to ensure they have the required access to buildings.
  3. Most food outlets across campus are open. Refer to the Open Food Locations on Campus list for further information.
  4. All common areas will be available for use. Occupants are reminded to follow good hand-hygiene practices following the use of any shared space.
  5. AHS buildings on or adjacent to our campus may experience restricted access, with screening and other COVID-19 safety measures in place. Health Sciences community members will need to follow these requirements when accessing specific Alberta Health Services controlled spaces.