Building Access and Amenity Status

Building access and amenities are, and may continue to be, limited to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

  1. For the Spring and Summer terms all University buildings will be closed to the public, with the exception of the Student’s Union Building, and select other venues that have been approved, and only those with appropriate credentials (keys or access cards) will be allowed access into the buildings.
  2. For the Fall term select University buildings will be open to students and the public based on the requirements for limited in-person teaching activities, library usage, limited computer room access, on-campus services access, campus recreational facility access, etc. A list of what buildings are accessible, hours and which entrances to use, and what common areas and amenities are available can be located here. Some buildings remain closed where student, and public access are not required to support in person instruction and service activities.
  3. Please note that UAPS and F&O do not have the capacity to respond to building or office access requests. Therefore, Faculty and staff need to contact their department APOs to ensure they have the required access to buildings.
  4. Food services during the Spring and Summer terms will continue to be extremely limited. Assessing the expected traffic on campus in the Fall term will influence the decision on opening select food outlets. All food service will be reviewed on a periodic basis based on public health and safety requirements and demand. Staff should be prepared to be self sufficient for the period of time they plan to be on campus.
  5. For the Spring and Summer terms all building common areas are closed for use, except to be used as a quick means of access and egress only; occupants will take the quickest and most direct route to their destination. Refer to the Common Areas Controls for further guidance. 
  6. For the Fall term a limited number of common areas will be available for use. Common areas will be designated study spaces or dining areas. Eating and drinking is not permitted in study spaces. In dining areas, masks may only be removed while actively eating and immediately put back on when finished. Mitigation strategies are being developed to ensure the cleanliness of these common areas.
  7. Faculties and Departments are required to provide Faculty or Department space for staff to use for lunch and break space. Refer to the Return to Campus Template for further guidance.