Common Areas Controls


  • Centrally-controlled common areas are typically spaces that anyone can access as they are located within publicly-accessed university spaces and circulation paths, with the only barrier being the building hours and exterior door locking mechanisms.
    • Centrally-controlled common areas will be cleaned in accordance with these cleaning standards.
  • Faculty/Dept-controlled common areas are spaces within the Faculty/Dept-allocated footprint (which has been approved and recorded centrally).
    • Each Faculty has identified a Space Contact who liaises with a Planner in F&O Space Management. Faculties and Departments can work through their Space Contact and their F&O Space Management Planner to clarify common space allocations.
    • Cleaning tips for Faculty/Dept-controlled common areas
      • High Touch Surfaces may include door knobs/handles, light switches, handrails, elevator buttons, desks/countertops, taps/faucets, chair arms, and office electronics (workstations, laptops, tablets, keyboards, pointing devices, ergonomic aids, phones, photocopiers, etc.)


  • High quality, well fitting masks are strongly recommended to be worn in all indoor common areas or high-traffic areas
  • Occupants should avoid touching door controls, other surfaces and their face
  • In student residence settings and other facilities not centrally managed, specific public health controls may vary from those described in this document to reflect the nature of their use.
  • Occupants should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer when they arrive at their work location.