Control Measures

Faculties and departments are responsible for a number of control measures intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

  1. Physical distancing of two metres is a public health requirement, and a primary control measure in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Faculties and Departments are required to plan work, service, and teaching activities to maintain physical distancing requirements.
  2. Where physical distancing requirements cannot be met to deliver work, service or teaching activities, other measures must be in place. This may include barriers, minimizing the amount of time doing these activities, and wearing masks at all times.
  3. Staff are to be encouraged to practice effective hygiene measures at all times including frequent hand washing. Hand washing stations in faculty lounges, lunch rooms, and work areas must include proper hand washing signage and soap. Faculties and Departments are responsible for printing and placing signs and providing soap and paper towels.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be made available to all staff where hand washing facilities are unavailable. Faculties and Departments are responsible for providing hand sanitizer.
  5. Supervisors are responsible for tracking and documenting the time and location of work for all staff. Under OHS Legislation all supervisors are required to know what work their staff are conducting on a worksite and that the work is being conducted safely. The template provided by the university for this purpose during the pandemic is the Work Team Weekly Attendance Log. Although the primary purpose of this tool is to enable the supervisor to manage the location, activities and safety of staff, the university will provide information contained in the log sheets to Alberta Health Services if requested in order to assist with contact tracing.
  6.  Facilities & Operations will provide control measures signage for public and common areas using University Sign Templates.
  7. Faculties and Departments are responsible for printing and posting appropriate signage in Faculty and Department spaces using the University Sign Templates.
  8. Corridor and stairwell directional arrows will not be provided in common and public areas. Travel on the right hand side of the corridor or stair in single file with a two meter distance to promote travel in both directions.
  9. When travelling through entrance and exit doorways use the rightmost door in the bank in the direction of travel. Where only one door exists for multi-directional flow, give way to other patrons and alternate to promote physical distancing. Where multiple entrance / exit doors exist for one space such as a classroom, lab, conference room, use the rightmost door in the direction of travel.
  10. Directional arrows, floor decals, workspace boundary markers, enter/exit signs and other controls in Faculty and Department spaces are the responsibility of each Faculty and Department based on their Return to Campus Plans.
  11. Staff and Faculty’s start/stop/break times are staggered to reduce congestion in common and amenity areas.
  12. Space to take a break and eat lunch may become limited. Faculties and Departments will consider any available space and include scheduling to ensure occupancy limits and physical distancing is maintained. If no specific Faculty and Department lunch space exists, temporary space may be set up in an area where proper physical distancing can be maintained such as:
    1. Set up a larger meeting room or office area that is currently unused as a temporary lunch area.
    2. Contact your Faculty APO or Senior/Unit Administrator to see if another space could be designated as a break area.
    3. If an exception exists that such space is not available within the Departmental / Faculty Area please contact the applicable Facility Services Manager for assistance.
    4. All dining areas must be clearly labelled as a Designated Dining Space and need to be accompanied by dining specific safety signage.
  13. For any temporary space, communication, signage, and cleaning considerations must be taken into account by the Faculty/Department.