Information and Enforcement

Campus safety is a shared responsibility. The university expects all members of its community and campus visitors to know the current campus protocols before coming to campus. University planners, managers, supervisors and instructors should actively support their teams, classes, event attendees and colleagues by sharing COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Influencing and enforcing COVID-19 safety measure compliance can be handled in this order:

  1. A healthy conversation about COVID-19 safety
    • One of the ways we can keep each other safe is by knowing how to have healthy conversations about the actions that we can take to stay safe. It’s in working together that we can do this. Here are some tips to keep in mind when having a conversation about COVID-19 safety actions and campus requirements
  2. Engaging a supervisor/instructor/community service representative for education and/or enforcement
    • Non-compliance with the requirement to wear a mask is subject to action under existing university policies, agreements and laws -- including, but not limited to, the Code of Student Behavior (30.4.3(1) Minor Sanctions), relevant employee agreements, and vendor contract obligations. Non-compliance with campus safety protocols can result in denied access to campus, removal from campus and if repeated non-compliance, actions may result in discipline up to and including a student’s expulsion and/or exclusion or an employee’s termination.
    • Non-compliance concerns in work areas, or classes or service areas should be reported to the appropriate supervisor/instructor/ community service representative. In most cases, individuals will be politely asked to comply with safety measures or will be directed to leave the work area, class or service area.
    • Where other measures are considered, supervisors/Instructors/ community service representatives will handle the concern in accordance with existing University policies and procedures and work with their respective HR Service Partner for staff and their Departmental Chair/Dean to work with the Dean of Students Office for students to expedite the process.
  3. Contacting UAPS for assistance with adversarial community members
    • There remains an expectation that supervisors, instructors and service staff are responsible and accountable to use existing processes to ensure compliance using the tips provided. UAPS will enforce as they patrol our campuses and should only be called should there be an adversarial community member.
    • Should a compliance conversation become highly adversarial and potentially violent, please contact UAPS at 780-492-5050. UAPS will endeavour to diffuse the situation and will apply the Enforcement Procedure to Enhance COVID-19 Safety Measures General Directives Compliance as needed.

Non-compliance incidents regarding U of A Safety Measures outside of your work unit, service area or class can be reported as “near misses” using the HRHSE incident reporting portal. HRHSE will contact area leadership/ supervision and request compliance monitoring and action.