Health Screening

Faculties and departments, as well as individuals, are responsible for preventing the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

  1. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 or other cold/flu-like illnesses must not attend campus.
  2. Faculties and Departments must implement daily Health Screening for all employees working on campus in compliance with Government of Alberta public health requirements. The Health Screening Controls document provides references to FOIP questions and duration to maintain records.
  3. All individuals (employees and students) are responsible for monitoring their COVID-19 related wellness at the beginning of the day against the known symptoms using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist and will communicate to their supervisor/instructor should they need to stay home.
  4. Upon observation of obvious signs of COVID-19 illness while on campus, individuals will be directed by a supervisor or instructor to leave campus immediately and stay home. Individuals directed by AHS to legally self isolate or with a positive COVID-19 test result must contact their Supervisor or instructor immediately. The supervisor or instructor will follow the guidance on the University’s Case or Outbreak of COVID-19 on U of A Campus webpage to trigger the University Rapid Response Plan.