Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

To ensure the health and safety of our university community during COVID-19, it’s important to understand how to use necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), where to access it on campus, and what PPE might apply to your learning, teaching, or working spaces.


Faculties, departments, and other units are responsible for procuring necessary PPE, including masks, through SMS and providing these to staff who are required to work on campus. This responsibility extends to graduate students who are employees. Students, members of the public and contractors/vendors will be responsible for procuring all personal PPE, including masks.

The number of masks required will depend on usage, as explained in the Use of Face Masks guidance document. Remember, masks become damp and difficult to breathe through after 2 to 3 hours of continuous use, so an individual employee may require multiple masks each day.


Supply Management Services (SMS) has PPE for purchase via the SMS Supplies Order Form, including:

  • Reusable Cloth Masks - $5.00/each
  • Disposable Masks - $1.00/each
  • Hand Sanitizer - (4 oz bottle) $5.00/each

Students can obtain free masks during the Fall and Winter terms at the University of Alberta Bookstore. At Augustana Campus, free masks are available to students at the Founders’ Hall reception desk. There are also masks available for purchase in select vending machines on North Campus. You can find them in the Central Academic Building, Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, HUB Mall, Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering, Van Vliet Complex, Education, and Peter Lougheed Hall.