Training and Communication

Faculties and Departments are responsible for informing and training staff to adhere to all required safety measures.

  1. Faculty and Departments are responsible to inform staff and conduct safety training related to new hazard assessments and standard operating procedures as a result of COVID-19. This shall include, but not is not limited to:
    1. Hazards of COVID-19
    2. The current public health requirements and recommendations
    3. Health screening requirements and awareness of the rapid response plan
  2. All employees and students must complete the Fall Ready | Coming to Campus 2021 eLearning Course. For employees currently present on campus, complete the course ASAP if you have not already done so. For employees who have yet to return to campus, they must complete the course in advance of resumption. All employees must follow the COVID-19 Procedures for Sick Students and Employees if they become ill while on campus.
  3. Supervisors are responsible for communicating, monitoring and correcting compliance issues associated with staff.
  4. Instructors are responsible to inform students of specific safety related requirements, as a result of COVID-19.