Exemptions and Accommodations

U of A vaccination requirement exemptions are granted to students, faculty and staff on medical or other human rights-based grounds only.

Students, faculty and staff seeking an accommodation to vaccination requirements should apply as soon as possible, in order to ensure that they are permitted to attend U of A campuses. Those awaiting a decision with regard to an accommodation request are required to comply with the university’s COVID-19 rapid testing requirements. (Please note that this option to use rapid testing while awaiting a decision on accommodation does not apply to visitors.)

If you are not fully vaccinated and you do not qualify for an exemption as noted below, you currently do not meet the U of A’s vaccination requirements. Notify dosdean@ualberta.ca (students) or your supervisor (faculty and staff) as soon as possible for further information.

Please see the U of A COVID-19 Vaccination Directive for additional details.


Students who are seeking accommodation to the U of A’s vaccination requirements may do so through the University’s Office of the Dean of Students at dosdean@ualberta.ca, and may seek information through the Student Mask, Vaccination, and/or Rapid Testing Exemption Application webpage.


Employee accommodations for medical reasons will require confirmation from the employee’s physician and follow-up from the University’s third-party disability management provider to determine whether accommodations are possible, and what they will be. See Permanent Medical Accommodations for Employees.

Employee accommodations on the basis of other protected grounds will also need to be assessed. If you wish to seek accommodation to vaccination requirements for non-medical reasons, complete and submit the Employee Vaccination and/or Rapid Testing Exemption Application (Non-Medical) as soon as possible. Contact your HR Service Partner for guidance.


All visitors to U of A campuses and facilities are expected to be fully vaccinated and should be prepared to show their proof of vaccination if requested. Exemptions for visitors will be considered if they are based on a protected ground set out in the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Applications for visitor exemptions must be made as soon as possible but in most cases must be made at least 14 days prior to access the event, service or facility on campus. 

Apply for a visitor exemption here »

Visitors with an approved exemption must provide an official U of A exemption letter with their government-issued ID and confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of attending U of A campuses or properties.