Jim Kutsogiannis

Jim Kutsogiannis, MD, MHS, FRCPC

Professor, Cross Appointment
Medicine and Dentistry

Critical Care Medicine
Royal Alexandra Hospital & U of A Hospital

About Me

Dr Jim Kutsogiannis is a Professor for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. He is currently the Medical Director of the Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit, University of Alberta Hospital. His Sub-Specialty Designation is in Neurocritical Care. He is an attending physician at the Intensive Care Unit, RAH. He is the Medical Director of the HOPE (Human Organ Procurement Exchange) Program. Dr Kutsogiannis is the Director of the RAH Critical Care Research Group and was named Researcher of the Year by the Region Medical Staff Association in 2007. His research interests include neurocritical care, organ donation, ICU nutrition, high perioperative risk management, acute renal failure, cardiac arrest, and end of life care.



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Editorials/Commentaries etc.

  • Shemie S, MacDonald S, on behalf of the Canadian Blood Services: Ethics Guide for Donation Physicians, Recommendations developed through a national collaboration among Canadian deceased donation experts and bioethicists, and endorsed by the Canadian Medical Association. November 2015 Ahead of Publication
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Published Abstracts/Poster Presentations

NOTE: **denotes international meeting | *denotes national meeting

  • Doucette K, Worton K, Kutsogiannis DJ and Preiksaitis J. Utilization of Increased Risk Donors in a Canadian Multi-Organ Transplant Program. Joint Conference with American Society of Transplant Surgeons and American Society of Transplantation, Philadelphia (USA), May 2015. **
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W, Dy C*, Blakney G, Khurana R, Chandra S, Kutsogiannis DJ. Comparison of Urinary Spot Protein to Creatinine (PCR) with 24 Hour Urine for Protein in Women with Suspected Preeclampsia. Women and Children Health Research Institute Research Day in Edmonton, 2009.
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