Medical Informatics

Health informatics is a multidisciplinary field that leverages the power of information technology to improve healthcare. Beyond the application of computers, health informatics includes a wide variety of other fields including human factors and ergonomics, project management, administration, information and computer science, and human psychology. Health informatics influences and is in influenced by all of the disciplines within healthcare including nursing, pharmacy, and allied healthcare. It is also integrated into research by not only providing data for clinical studies but also influencing methodologies.

At the Department of Critical Care Medicine, the backbone for health information science is the province wide critical care information system, eCritical. This province wide system connects all of the adult and pediatric critical care units as well as coronary care units in a network utilizing a common electronic medical record interface. Data analytics and research is supported by the TRACER data warehouse. This information system not only enhances the quality of care for all critically ill patients in the province but also provides a common foundation for practice and an opportunity for large-scale clinical research projects and quality improvement work.