Department of Critical Care

Grand Rounds Library

The opaque hemithorax: A sonographic approach
Presented by: Dr. Brian Buchannan
Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure: The Intensivist's Guide
Presented by: Dr. Constantine Karvellas
Leadership Lecture: Five Seconds to Cybersecurity
Presented by: Dr. Darren Hudson
6th National Audit Project: Preoperative Anaphylaxis
Presented by: Dr. Geoff Brin
Surviving Critical Illness - Where Do We Go From Here?
Presented by: Dr. Sarah Andersen
Valvular assessment for the intensivist?
Presented by: Dr. Aws Alherbish
Medical Culture and Simulation: Does changing how we function improve outcomes?
Presented by: Dr. Andrea Robinson
Advances in Influenza Therapy and Prevention
Presented by: Dr. Geoffrey Shumilak
Maid: I have not become a doc for this!
Presented by: Dr. Daniel Garros
Using YouTube to Fight Surgical Site Infections
Presented by: Dr. Rachel Khadaroo
Unresolved Questions: 35 years in Critical Care
Presented by: Dr. Richard Johnston
Heart failure for the intensivist: An update on diagnosis, therapy, and mechanical circulatory support
Presented by: Dr. Janek Senarante
Trans-esophageal echocardiography in the ICU: where opinions collide with the evidence?
Presented by: Dr. Brian Buchanan
Faculty Development: Why Bother With Faculty Development?
Presented by: Dr. Anna Oswald
Department of Critical Care Medicine: A Personal History
Presented by: Dr. Noel Gibney
Takotsubo Syndrome: A Review for Critical Care
Presented by: Dr. Jordan Webber
Obesity in the Critcally ill
Presented by: Dr. Abdalrhman Al Saadon
Choosing Wisely: defining the value of care for Albertans
Presented by: Dr. Adam Hall
Critical illness-related Corticosteroid Insufficiency (CIRCI)
Presented by: Dr. Mohammed Alarifi
Bone Marrow Transplant complications in the ICU
Presented by: Dr. Kelsey Balutis
Plasma exchange - coming to an ICU near you!
Presented by: Dr. Arabesque Parker
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Pulmonary Hypertension in the Critical Care Unit
Presented by: Dr. Jean Deschamps
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Avoiding Airway Complications
Presented by: Dr. Geoff Brin
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Pathophysiology and Management of CCB overdose
Presented by: Dr. Gurpreet Khaira
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Faculty Development: Mentoring Learners and Junior Faculty
Presented by: Dr. Manjula Gowrishankar
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Septic Shock, I Got it!
Presented by: Dr. Daniel Garros
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Managing a major biological incident: It could happen to you
Presented by: Dr. Ganesh Suntharalingam
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Your intensive care patient may have hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)
Presented by: Dr. Rachel Deschamps
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 Jan -30-18
Leadership Lecture: The F Word
Presented by: Dr. Derek (Rex) Townsend
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Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Presented by: Dr. Sebastian Rimpau
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The Role of Emerging Rapid Diagnostic Tests in Microbiology to Optimize Patient Outcomes and Antimicrobial Use
Presented by: Dr. Geoffrey Shumilak
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Is My ICU Patient Frail (...and does it really matter)?
Presented by: Dr. Sean Bagshaw
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Lessons for an orphan disease: 20 years of the US Acute Liver Failure Study Group
Presented by: Dr. Dean Karvellas
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The Critical Care Strategic Clinical Network™ & YOU: Enhancing Patient Care Through Research and Innovation
Presented by: Drs Tom Stelfox & Sean Bagshaw
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Group A Strep Toxic Shock Syndrome- Clinical Presentation and Implications for Management
Presented by: Dr. Jeremy Katulka
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FACTT Edmonton’s Facial Allograft Composite Tissue Transplantation Program
Presented by: Drs. Hadi Seikaly, David Cote, and Jim Kustogiannis
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De-adoption of Albumin in Adult ICUs: A Critical Care Strategic Clinical Network Initiative
Presented by: Dr. Daniel Nivens
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Sepsis is Life-Altering: the Long-term Consequences of an Acute illness
Presented by: Dr. Theodore (Jack) Iwashyna
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ICU Leadership Lecture – Politics and Economics in Medicine
Presented by: Dr. Rick Johnston
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