About Us

The Academic Success Centre is committed to student success. We provide professional academic support and offer a range of programs and services designed to help students accomplish their learning goals at university. We work with learners to strengthen and enhance their academic skills, to tackle challenges in their university learning, and to facilitate specialized supports.

Who We Work With

Undergraduate Students
Throughout your time as an undergraduate student, you will develop of variety of skills. We can support you in developing these skills with a variety of our services tailored for you.

Graduate Students
At every stage of your degree program, you can access a continuum of academic resources designed specifically for you as a graduate student.

Pre-University Students
The start of university is an exciting time — and a bit daunting for many students! We can help you through our orientation activities and workshops throughout your first semester.

Faculty, Instructors, and Advisors
We work with university faculty offices, individual instructors, and undergraduate/graduate advisors to connect students with professional academic support.

We provide information to parents to support our common goal of student success. You can be a partner in your student’s success by helping to develop their independence and problem-solving skills. 

Our Team

Associate Director, Writing Resources
Stephen Kuntz

Director, Academic Success Centre
Dr. Mebbie Bell

Fresh Start Coordinator
Tristan Donald

Graduate Writing Advisor
Dr. Rob Desjardins

Instructor, Graduate Writing Program
Dr. Kate Pratt

Learning Specialist
Sue Beaufoy

Learning Specialist
Maria Kotovych

Learning Specialist
Tracy Preston

Learning Specialist
Yasir Syed

Program Assistant
Gabriela Mesta Kim

Senior Learning Specialist
Sharon Stearns

Writing Advisor
Debby Waldman