Campus Accommodations

The Academic Success Centre can assist students with the following:

Major University events such as Convocation, University Open House, and several other public events are held in buildings that are wheelchair accessible and have interpreting services. CART (real-time captioning) services may be provided as well. With proper and advance notice, accessibility arrangements, including but not limited to, interpreting/CART services, can be made for University events; please contact the event organizer to inquire about event accessibility.

Most classrooms at the University of Alberta are physically accessible. Several classrooms have been modified to provide easy and comfortable access for students with mobility disabilities, and reserved seating can be arranged for most classrooms upon request.

Larger lecture theatres have visual and auditory fire alarm systems. They do not have loop systems compatible with assistive listening amplification systems. Request for special furniture needs can be made through the Academic Success Centre. We can also provide signage to reserve space for students registered with our office.

If students encounter any difficulties accessing their classrooms, they should contact staff at the Academic Success Centre. Arrangements may be made to address classroom accessibility.

Augustana Campus in Camrose does not have a fully accessible campus. Students who need classrooms to be relocated should contact as soon as possible.

Access to proximal or accessible parking may be a reasonable accommodation. Academic Success Centre Accessibility Advisors can work with students and Parking Services to determine eligibility for accessible parking spaces. Consult with an Academic Success Centre Accessibility Advisor.

  • North Campus Parking Services contact information can be found here.
  • Augustana Campus Parking Services contact information can be found here.