DoS Proctoring Services

DoS Proctoring Services provides support to instructors whose students write with exam accommodations. We can ensure your students have access to their individualized exam accommodations including extended time, adaptive technology, alternate formats, and environmental adaptations in a secure environment. Proctoring support of digital exams for students without exam accommodations may be requested through the Learning Assessment Centre.

Accessing Proctoring Services

If you wish your students to write with DoS Proctoring Services, be sure to request this when creating your class test definition in ClockWork's Instructor Services portal.

Instructor services portal

How to Provide and Collect Physical Test Materials

  • If you request support from DoS Proctoring Services, please deliver all physical exam materials (exam papers, exam booklets, scantron sheets, formula sheets, etc.) to our administrative office in 295 CAB (Central Academic Building) during university business hours.
  • Place all physical exam materials in a secure envelope labeled with the course name and number, course section, your name, exam date and the number of students writing the exam (see the cover sheet template).
  • Provide passwords to administrative staff located in CAB 295 or email them to
  • If any of your students require an alternate format exam, please provide the exam through Clockwork's Instructor Services portal no later than 3 business days prior to the exam’s scheduled date. 
  • Your exam papers will be ready for pickup from CAB 295 the business day after the exam. 
  • Alternatively, you can request your exams be returned to you through UofA’s Campus Mail system when you complete your class test definition in Clockwork's Instructor Services portal. 

Printing exam papers

In most cases, we can print your exam from the ClockWork portal so you do not need to provide a printed exam paper. However, you will need to bring printed exams to our office under the following circumstances.

  • If you make any edits to your exam less than 24 hours in advance of its scheduled administration
  • If yours is a complex exam

Complex exams

We are currently unable to print complex exams due to our printing limitations.

Complex exams include:

  • those with unique QR codes,
  • intricate diagrams,
  • or specific colour requirements that cannot be accommodated within our basic printing capabilities.

Please bring printed copies of complex exams to our office with any other physical exam materials as outlined above. If you have questions about what constitutes a complex exam, please contact us for clarification.

Deferred Exams

We proctor exams, including deferred exams, for students who write with approved accommodations. If the student who is writing a deferred exam is not approved for exam accommodations, please contact your department for help.

Academic Integrity

Our goal is to provide an equitable testing environment while upholding high standards of academic integrity. Students are screened as they enter our exam spaces and asked to remove prohibited items such as smart watches, phones, bags, and oversized coats. Pockets and water bottles are checked. Proctors monitor students throughout their exams and immediately report misconduct to instructors. Proctors are trained to take a non-confrontational approach to misconduct to prevent disruption to other students writing in that space. 

Early/Late Starts

Some students may require early or late starts due to approved accommodations and/or to our hours of operation. A student’s approved time multiplier might cause one exam to overlap with a second. In these cases we may need to adjust the start time of one or even both exams. If a student’s approved exam duration pushes it beyond our hours of operation, we will need to adjust the start time of an exam. In such cases, we ensure that these students are monitored and do not have access to communication devices until after the first 30 minutes of the class exam time has elapsed.