Academic Success Centre


Access one-on-one help from a professional learning advisor to maximize your academic skills and outcomes. These individual 45-50 minute sessions provide you with personalized advice for your specific academic questions or projects. Appointments are available to learners in all U of A programs as well as non-U of A students, and members of the general public.


  • U of A Student Fee: $15 per session
  • Non-U of A Student Fee: $22.50 per session

Individual appointments must be booked in advance either in person or by phone. Payment will be accepted upon arrival for each appointment.

What to expect

Appointment topics may include:

  • Time management and scheduling
  • Studying, note-taking, and memory
  • Anxiety and performance
  • Reading
  • Exam preparation
  • Strategies for oral exams, essay exams, and multiple-choice exams
  • Preparation for certification exams
  • Writing analysis and feedback (for course papers, thesis sections, grant applications, or any writing task)
  • Communication strategies
  • Presentations

How to Prepare

Learning Appointments:

  • You may bring texts, sample exams, or other academic materials you are working with, but you are welcome to just bring your questions. 

Writing Appointments:

  • You must email your advisor a writing draft at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Although you and your advisor will look at, discuss, and fix some writing problems, this is not a proofreading or editing service. 

Communication Appointments:

  • You will receive feedback and coaching on a 10-minute pre-prepared presentation. Feedback will also be provided on accompanying visual material (e.g., PowerPoint/Prezi, slides, poster).
  • Graduate Students wishing to book a communication appointment must first complete either the "Polishing Your Presentations" or "Defending your Dissertation (or Thesis)" workshop.