Withdraw From a Course in the Fresh Start Program

This information only applies if you are withdrawing from a course as a student in the Fresh Start Program. For general withdrawal inquiries, please see the Office of the Registrar.

It is important that you complete course withdrawals properly to ensure that you maintain your eligibility for the Fresh Start Program and meet withdrawal deadlines (if applicable).

Students are responsible for:

  • Completion of withdrawal forms.
  • If applicable, submission of withdrawal forms to Student Connect, and adherence to submission deadlines.

To withdraw from a course, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Contact the Academic Success Centre to book an appointment. You may book your appointment via email at fstart@ualberta.ca; via telephone at 780-492-2682; or, in person at 2-300 Students' Union Building, North Campus.
    • At your appointment, the advisor will help you to review and understand the advantages and disadvantages of withdrawing a course in the Fresh Start Program.
    • You can review your Fresh Start agreement to determine the minimum and maximum number of courses you must take each term.
    • Book your appointment early to ensure that you have time to consider your options and complete related paperwork.
  2. Complete the online withdrawal form.
    • Students are responsible for the submission of their online withdrawal forms and adherence to submission deadlines (if applicable).
    • Completed withdrawal requests will be submitted to the Fresh Start Program for approval.
  3. Check Bear Tracks for approval. If your withdrawal is approved, your Bear Tracks account will be updated. It may take up to 7 business days for the withdrawal to be reflected on your Bear Tracks account.