The Fresh Start Program is open to undergraduate students in participating Faculties who:

  • are recommended for admission to the Fresh Start Program in their “Required to Withdraw” letter from their Faculty
  • have taken less than *60 credits (including the work completed during the academic year under review).
  • have a GPA of 1.3 - 1.6 at the end of the Fall/Winter term.
  • are assigned unsatisfactory standing and are required to withdraw (RTW).
  • have not been previously required to withdraw from any post-secondary institution.
  • agree to comply with the requirements of the program.

For more information, review Fresh Start General Admission and Open Studies Fresh Start Program in the University of Alberta Calendar.

If you previously completed the Fresh Start Program, you may not enrol again. You can enrol in the Fresh Start Program one time only. If you are experiencing academic difficulties, please contact our office; Academic Success Centre staff can discuss resources to address your concerns.