Academic Success Centre

Withdraw from the Fresh Start Program

This information only applies if you are withdrawing entirely from the Fresh Start Program.

If you need to withdraw from the Fresh Start Program, it is important that you complete your withdrawal properly to ensure that you understand all of the options available to you and that your withdrawal is processed correctly.

To speak with an advisor about withdrawing from the Fresh Start Program:

  • Contact the Academic Success Centre to book an appointment to withdraw from the Fresh Start Program (by email at; by telephone at 780-492-2682; or, in person at 2-300 Students’ Union Building, North Campus).
  • At your appointment, the advisor will review your options.
  • If you choose to withdraw from the program, you will complete a withdrawal form with the advisor.
  • You must then submit the completed withdrawal form in person at Student Connect (Main Floor, Administration Building, North Campus).

Students are responsible for the completion of withdrawal forms, submission of withdrawal forms to Student Connect (where applicable), and adherence to submission deadlines (if applicable).

If you need to withdraw from the Fresh Start Program, a number of options are available to you. Review the options carefully, below, to determine the best options for you.

  1. Review your Faculty “Required to Withdraw” letter and consider the other options available to you (if applicable). Contact your Faculty office if you have questions about your “Required to Withdraw” letter.
  2. You may be eligible to enroll in Open Studies at the University of Alberta to study part-time.
    • If you choose to withdraw from the Fresh Start Program, any credits completed in the Fresh Start Program may impact the number of courses you can take in Open Studies or in the Fresh Start Program in the future.
  3. If you are an international student, you can contact an International Student Advisor at University of Alberta International to discuss additional options.
  4. Contact the Office of the Student Ombuds (OSO) for assistance in exploring your options. You must book and appointment 

The options available to you depend on your individual circumstances, and you may have additional options available to you.