Information for Faculty, Staff, and Advisors

The Academic Success Centre works with university faculty offices, individual instructors, and undergraduate/graduate advisors to connect students with professional academic support. Below are are some of the ways that you can connect your students with our services.

Student Referrals

If you have a student who is struggling academically or asking for help with academic skills, refer them to the U of A Academic Success Centre. We assist undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students at all achievement levels and in all programs on campus, whether they are struggling academically, worried about a particular academic skill, or simply wondering how to take their academic performance further.

We have developed a campus academic resource to help you decide which academic support you should refer students to. Check out "Where Do You Send Students for Academic Help?"

Please note that we are not subject-specific tutors. For subject-specific help, check the Students' Union Tutor Registry or Math and Applied Sciences Resources (MASC).


  • Add a link to the Academic Success Centre on your website
  • Share Academic Success Centre resources (e.g., workshop schedules, postcards, posters) on your bulletin boards, front counters, etc. (please contact our office to request these materials)
  • Add our information to your course outlines and eClass sites
  • Include information about our services in your orientation programming and staff training
  • Invite us to speak with your staff/faculty about our services
  • Follow us on twitter

Required Participation

Some programs/faculties may require students to complete specific Academic Success Centre workshops, online non-credit eClass courses, or individual appointments as part of academic probation, academic warning, or the outcome of disciplinary action. If students are completing such requirements, we are able to report their activity completion to a faculty office/advisor. Please contact our office to discuss these options. Note that students are responsible for requesting that we release their personal information and completing required paperwork by specific deadlines.

Subsidized and Customized Instruction/Support

If you are interested in subsidizing student use of our services, please contact our office.

We present to campus student groups at all levels of study and in all programs on a wide range of academic skills

Customized Services

We offer customized workshops, presentations, and online instruction to University and non-University groups on a range of academic topics, such as:

  • the transition to university
  • time management and scheduling
  • note-taking, reading, and study strategies
  • exam strategies and test anxiety
  • preparation for dissertation/oral defense/candidacy; conference presentations/poster sessions; essay, multiple choice, and certification examinations
  • public speaking, impromptu presentations, and PowerPoint/Prezi presentations
  • university-level writing skills, including writing basics such as grammar, punctuation, and the use of academic sources
  • literature reviews and funding proposals
  • graduate thesis/dissertation writing

For details and to request a quote, contact us at 780-492-2682 or