About Us

The Community Social Work Team provides support to all U of A students, staff, and faculty in connecting to each other and the campus community by facilitating a variety of training sessions, prevention programs, and peer connection activities.

Vision and Mission

Campus where resiliency and a sense of connection are fostered and celebrated.

Through preventative action we engage with partners from campus and surrounding areas to strengthen capacity, provide bridges to resources, and advocate for greater inclusivity.

Guiding Principles

  1. Community
    We promote a perspective where community voices and knowledge are imperative to the process of collaboration, the development of meaningful relationships and the building of community capacity.
  2. Balance
    As social workers, we are committed to integrating a holistic understanding of well-being in supporting the success of those that we work with.
  3. Creativity
    We value experiences that foster critical thinking, curiosity and inspiring ways of doing, being, and thinking.
  4. Social Justice
    We are advocates for social justice working with allies in the community to move the greater campus further towards equality and social change.
  5. Citizenship
    As stewards of our university we all have the responsibility to purposefully engage within the policies and structures of our environment to foster collective action and caring communities.

Areas of Work

Build Resiliency
Assist community members in recognizing the capabilities they possess, and facilitate members to be of resource to one another.

Build Capacity
Help community members identify and share their assets, and increase their skills and knowledge through learning and development opportunities.

Build Community
Create opportunities for people to meet, create connections, and communicate with each other through available services and resources.

Build Voice
Ensure that the voices of our community members are involved in decision-making processes, and design and deliver solutions.


The field of social work can be divided into three main categories; micro, mezzo, and macro levels of practice. All levels of social work employ a holistic approach and are held to the same ethical standards and set of guiding principles. As a profession, social work strives to empower the marginalized and oppressed, works for social justice, promotes social change, and opposes discrimination. Each field's scope of practice is defined by a unique set of theoretical frameworks and skills that guide the day-to-day work of the practitioner.

Community social work falls within the scope of mezzo-level practice, pulling from community development, community organizing, adult and popular education, social capital, and traditional community practices. Fundamental to the community social work field are the notions of building cooperative and connected relationships, using creative means to move social change forward, and promoting participation of diverse groups to come together to identify solutions to their own problems. In these ways community social work assists the community in using its own resources to solve problems, address broader social issues, and enhance well-being.