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Accessibility Resources (AR) serves prospective and current students at the University of Alberta, as well as staff and faculty, whose disabilities involve any number of conditions affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning, and physical or mental health.

Staff- North Campus

Alternate Format and Adaptive Technology

Alternate Format Team Lead
Bo Brytan

Alternate Format Administrator
Wendee Paul

Braille Transciber
Bryce McLafferty

Adaptive Technologist
Chris Dodd

Accessibility Advising and Communication Support

Accessibility Advising Team Lead
Oksana Cheypesh

Accessibility Advisor
Brenda Reitsma

Accessibility Advisor
Dina Hendzel

Accessibility Advisor
Karen Unger

Communication Support Services Coordinator
Pam Brenneis

Exam Accommodations and Financials

Exam Administration Team Lead
Jolanta Rudzinska

Exam Accommodation and Note Taking Services Administrator
Karyna Omelchenko

Exam Assistant
Mirela Tomuta

Proctor, Scribe and Reader Assistant
Peng Wang

Finance Administrator
Shelly Dahl

Staff - Augustana

Student Accessibility & Success Advisor
Sarah Tregonning

Staff - Campus Saint-Jean

Academic Advisor
Carine Tuekam Kunche