CART Services/Real-time Transcribing

CART stands for communication access real-time translation and refers to reporters who provide real-time captioning services. CART services combines the experience of a court reporter with specialized training, hardware and software to reproduce or translate what is being said aloud onto a laptop computer screen (or overhead screen) which can then be read by onlookers.

CART services provide communication access to live events in real-time and is NOT a transcription or note taking service.

What's available?

CART services can be arranged for lectures, labs and seminars. It is not compatible with situations that require a lot of movement. Service can be arranged for practicums, work placement, and campus activities and events, if sufficient notice is given.


Coordinating CART services requires pre-planning.

Deaf and hard of hearing students who are considering coming to the University of Alberta should contact our office immediately to begin discussions about needed services. Students will need to approach their home-province government to request the funds necessary to cover the costs of CART services. Accessibility Resources will provide the needed figures to present to the government officials. All these arrangements, including confirmation of government funding, should be completed several weeks before classes begin to ensure sufficient time to contract the CART providers.


Generally, the CART provider will set-up beside the deaf or hard of hearing student so that the student can look between the laptop computer screen, situated on a desk between them, to the front of the classroom to attend to the professor and visual aids being used. Teaching staff will receive a package from our office, before classes begin, letting you know whether a student in your course will be using these services, and information about how to work with these services.