Arrange Exam Accommodations

The following is the general process for arranging exam accommodations:

  • Students log into ClockWork to generate a Letter of Accommodation and provide it to the instructor in either PDF form over email or in person at a scheduled meeting.
  • Students enter their Exam Schedule in ClockWork as soon as they have the course syllabus. If that information is not in the syllabus or still has yet to be determined, students must ask the instructor to identify dates so that exam accommodations can be registered with Accessibility Resources by our required deadlines. Exams must be registered at least 7 days in advance, or by the general deadline set each term.
  • Instructors enter exam information using either the ClockWork system or by hard copy to be found in the Exam Office. The instructor needs to upload the exam directly into Clockwork or deliver it to the AR Exam Office.
  • Students will receive two confirmation emails of an upcoming exam sent by the Exam Database/Exam Office (one sent three days before, the other twenty four hours before).
  • Method of return for completed exams to be chosen by the instructor.
    • Instructor pick-up: the instructor or a designate picks up the exam from the AR Exam Office in CAB 215.
    • Exam returned via email: exam to be returned via email to your ualberta email account. Please note that due to the high volume of emails received during exam periods, there may be a 2 business day delay in returning the exam files via email.
    • No Return Needed: the exam is online or other type of exam that does not require returning.

Students: Register Your Exams

  1. Log into ClockWork.
  2. To schedule a test, midterm, quiz, lab final, or night class final, select the 'Schedule a test, midterm or quiz'. To schedule a final exam, select 'Schedule a final exam'.
  3. Review the Exam Arrangement Agreement that appears on the next screen. it is your responsibility to understand and adhere to all exam policies and the Student Code of Conduct. Once finished, select 'Select course' from the left navigation.
  4. From the drop down menu, select the course for which you need to book an exam or test.
  5. From the list of provided dates and time, select the one when the class is writing the exam. If the exam you are trying to schedule is not on this list, select 'Select an alternate date and time'. Specify the exam date, the time that the class begins the exam, and the exam duration in minutes.
  6. Confirm the Instructor's contact information.
  7. Select the test-specific accommodations for which you are approved and that are required for this exam.
  8. If other resources are necessary for the exam, enter them under 'Additional Requirements'.
  9. From the list of provided dates and times, select one. Limited options may be available. If you are unable to write at the time and date provided, contact us.
  10. Review all details of your exam or test and confirm. Once you submit exam details, the system will not allow changes - necessary changes can be made by Exam Accommodation staff up to 7 days prior to the exam, or by the general deadline set each term.

Instructors: Online Exam Registration

  1. Login to ClockWork with your CCID and password.
  2. To schedule a test, midterm, quiz, or final, please select 'Courses' in the left navigation.
  3. Select 'Test and Exams' next to the course you would like to schedule for.
  4. Select the date for which you need to book the test/exam. If the exam does not exist on this list, please select a date from the date chooser and click 'Add this test'.
  5. Provide the date and time at which the class is writing. Please be accurate in the start and end times as this information is used to calculate accommodated time.
  6. After the test details are entered, the list of students currently registered with us to take that test should appear.
  7. Complete the Exam Details. This information was formerly the Exam Instruction and Authourization form, known as the Orange form. All information must be completed before proceeding and be completed at least 2 days prior to the exam or 3 days prior if alternate formats are needed.
  8. Carefully review the information before submitting and upload the actual test. Any changes to information or the exam itself must be made at least 2 days prior to the exam. If changes need to be made after the deadline, please contact the Exam Office as it might not be possible to implement.