Exam Accommodations


Updated March 27, 2020

New information about the accommodation process for the remainder of the Winter 2020 term (including required steps and deadlines) is now available. Details and deadlines for students are available here and information for instructors is available here.

Updated information about exam accommodations as a result of the move to remote academic delivery is available here.

Winter Term 2020 Exam/Assessment Returns
If you have not received your scanned assessment(s) by Monday, March 23, 2020, please email arrec@ualberta.ca.

Exam accommodations are alterations to exam conditions to ensure that University of Alberta students with accessibility needs have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the material tested by an exam. Exam accommodations are used by students whose disabilities or chronic health conditions impact processing and comprehending printed material, learning or concentration, and written expression. As well, accommodations may be accessed by students whose disabilities or medical conditions require rest periods.

Examples of exam accommodations include:

  • extended time
  • use of a computer or adaptive technology
  • alternate formats of print material
  • special equipment or lighting
  • ergonomic furniture
  • the assistance of a scribe or reader

Exam accommodations are a shared responsibility between the student and the educational institution (faculty and staff). Accessibility Resources supports all parties to collaborate in this endeavour.

Student Responsibilities

Learn how to book your exams using ClockWork.

  • Email or hand-deliver a Letter of Accommodation to each instructor within the first two weeks of the term. Instructors require this letter to collaborate regarding accommodations. Letters of Accommodation can be found here.
  • Instructors are responsible for ensuring Exam Instruction and Authorization information is submitted to Accessibility Resources, typically online in ClockWork.
  • Enter your exam information into ClockWork before the deadline.
  • Check your exam schedule in ClockWork frequently, and ensure that you check 1 (one) day prior to your exam for location.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Exam Accommodation procedures.
  • Inform the AR Exam Accommodation Team about any changes in your exam schedule.
  • Arrive a few minutes early for your exam. If you arrive late, the exam end time remains as scheduled.
  • Bring your own watch, calculator, eraser, pen or pencil.
  • Monitor your time and stop on time. The Exam Accommodations Team must inform instructors if an exam is not stopped at the correct time. This may impact your mark.

Instructor Responsibilities

Learn how to upload exams in ClockWork.

  • Ensure exam dates are indicated on course syllabi so students can register exams requiring accommodations into the AR ClockWork database before the deadlines.
  • Determine and inform students how exams will be delivered to Accessibility Resources Exam Office and how they should be returned.
  • Upload a copy of exams to the ClockWork database a minimum of two full business days before the exam is to be written. If the exam requires conversion into alternate format by AR, an electronic copy of the exam must be uploaded a minimum of three full business days before the exam is to be written to allow sufficient time for conversion. Follow the deadlines as posted on the Accessibility Resources website, in ClockWork, and on posters in the Academic Success Centre and the Accessibility Resources Exam Office locations. If missed, very few options are available.
  • Complete exam details for each exam to be written at AR via the instructor interface of the ClockWork database system.
  • Include instructions regarding proper administration of the exam (use of a calculator, open book, etc.). This information is required for the exam to be written at Accessibility Resources.
  • Check your exam for any errors in content, missing pages, etc. If these errors are discovered during the time the student is writing the exam, the AR Exam Office will try to contact the exam proctor in a timely manner; however, in some cases, this may not be possible.