Exam Accommodations

Updated May 7, 2020

Information about the accommodation process for Summer 2020 (including required steps and deadlines) is available. Details and deadlines for students are available here and information for instructors is available here.

Updated information about exam accommodations as a result of the move to remote academic delivery is available here.

General Infomation

Exam accommodations are alterations to exam conditions to ensure that University of Alberta students with accessibility needs have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the material tested by an exam. Exam accommodations are used by students whose disabilities or chronic health conditions impact processing and comprehending printed material, learning or concentration, and written expression. As well, accommodations may be accessed by students whose disabilities or medical conditions require rest periods.

Examples of exam accommodations include:

  • extended time
  • use of a computer or adaptive technology
  • alternate formats of print material
  • special equipment or lighting
  • ergonomic furniture
  • the assistance of a scribe or reader

Exam accommodations are a shared responsibility between the student and the educational institution (faculty and staff). Accessibility Resources supports all parties to collaborate in this endeavour.