Exam Accommodations

Updated December 21, 2020

Information about the accommodation process for Winter 2021 (including required steps and deadlines) is available. Details and deadlines for students are available here and information for instructors is available here.

If you have questions about North/Main Campus and Campus Saint-Jean courses, contact arrec@ualberta.ca. If you have questions about Augustana courses, contact augar@ualberta.ca.

Important Accommodated Exam Reminders
  • Accommodations apply to all exams (e.g., quizzes, tests, midterms, finals).
  • Students must book accommodated exams in ClockWork in order to ensure that their accommodations are appropriately assessed and coordinated. 
  • Our office will communicate by email the total exam duration (including additional exam time and breaks) to instructors.
  • Instructors only need to complete one exam authorization for each exam in each course section, regardless of the number of students writing accommodated exams in the course section. 
  • The Academic Success Centre/Accessibility Resources is not proctoring exams in Winter 2021.
  • No exams will be conducted in person on U of A campuses unless they are part of a pre-approved in-person course section. If exam accommodations are required for pre-approved in-person exams, proctoring will be managed by Faculties, and our office will coordinate approved accommodation needs with instructors. 
  • All remote delivery exams will be proctored remotely/online via eClass or other online exam systems managed by instructors.
  • Unless students' approved accommodations require captioning (e.g., CART/real-time live transcription), the Academic Success Centre does not create or provide closed captioning for synchronous or asynchronous remote/online course materials. Please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning for assistance with the creation of inclusive/accessible course materials.
Exam Accommodation Overview

Exam accommodations remove barriers to exam participation for University of Alberta students with documented permanent disabilities and ensure that they are able to demonstrate their knowledge of the material tested by an exam in an equivalent manner to their peers without accommodations. Examples of exam accommodations include:

  • extended/additional exam writing time.
  • exam breaks. 
  • use of adaptive technology or software.
  • alternate formats of print or digital exam materials.
  • use of special equipment or ergonomic furniture.
  • scribe or reader assistance.

Please refer to Accommodation Processes and Responsibilities for more information about the accommodation process.