Student Remote Delivery Accommodations - Winter 2021

Updated - Monday, December 21, 2020

To support physical distancing benefits with regard to the spread of COVID-19, the Academic Success Centre is working remotely with instructors to coordinate students' academic accommodations. Accommodations will be managed by our office in collaboration with course instructors, or may be managed independently by students as a result of remote delivery. Learn more about roles and responsibilities for remote, in-person, and blended accommodation contexts on our Accommodation Processes and Delivery page.

Review the information below for details about the Winter 2021 accommodation process and important Winter 2021 deadlines. If you have questions about North/Main Campus and Campus Saint-Jean courses, contact If you have questions about Augustana courses, contact


  • The Academic Success Centre/Accessibility Resources is not proctoring exams in Winter 2021.
  • No exams will be conducted in person on U of A campuses unless they are part of a pre-approved in-person course section. If exam accommodations are required for pre-approved in-person exams, proctoring will be managed by Faculties, and our office will coordinate approved accommodation needs with instructors. 
  • All remote delivery exams will be proctored remotely/online via eClass or other online exam systems.
Accommodation Process for Course Participation & Term Work
  • Activate your accommodations as soon as possible. 
  • Contact your course instructors early to discuss your accommodations.
Contact if you need assistance with North/Main Campus and Campus Saint-Jean courses. Contact if you need assistance with Augustana courses.
Accommodation Process for Exams
  • Activate your accommodations as soon as possible. 
  • If you require accommodations for any Winter 2021 exams (e.g., tests, midterms, quizzes, and final exams), you must submit an exam booking request for each item by the submission deadline.
    • Students on North/Main campus and Campus Saint-Jean must submit their exam booking requests by Sunday, January 31, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. (Mountain time).
    • For information about Augustana campus exam booking deadlines, refer to the accommodation information for Augustana students.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Students with the following exam conditions cannot book their exams via the Online Student Services portal and must contact as soon as possible to book their accommodated exams:
    • exams in Fall 2020 ‘second half’ 3- or 6-week courses.
  • Before your exams:
    • Check your technologies and accommodations. Connect with our service providers early for assistance (e.g., academic strategies, advising, adaptive technologies, alternate formats, ASL/CART services, etc.).
    • Review the Student FAQs for Remote Delivery Exams and the Student Resources for Online Learning.
    • Contact your instructors with any questions and to confirm exam details.
    • Contact if you need assistance with North/Main Campus and Campus Saint-Jean courses. Contact if you need assistance with Augustana courses.