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Academic Director
Dr. Lucie Moussu

  • About Dr. Moussu
    Dr. Lucie Moussu is an Associate Professor in Writing Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies) and in her home Department, English & Film Studies, as well as Academic Director of the University of Alberta's Centre for Writers (since 2009). She is originally from France and Switzerland and taught French and ESL in Utah for seven years, as well as Composition and Written Communication to graduate and undergraduate international students at Purdue for four years. At Ryerson University, in Toronto, she worked for three years as Assistant Professor in Applied Linguistics, Coordinator of ESL writing courses, and Director of the Writing Centre. She is currently the Immediate Past-President of the Canadian Writing Centres' Association (CWCA) and organized the 2016 CWCA's conference in Calgary (bringing to the association its first ever SSHRC conference funding). She's also member of the University of Alberta's Academic Integrity Council and the TESOL Journal Editorial Advisory Board.
  • Education

    B.A. English and Design (Brighham Young University, 2000)

    M.A. TESOL (Brighham Young University, 2002)

    Ph.D. Applied Linguistics/ESL and Higher Education Administration (Purdue University, 2006)

  • Research Interests
    Dr. Moussu's research interests include English as a Second/Foreign Language, the administration of Writing Centres, native and nonnative English-speaking ESL/EFL teachers, and Second Language writing. She has published research articles in Language TeachingTESOL QuarterlyThe TESL Canada JournalThe TESOL JournalEssential Teacher; WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship; TESL ReporterESC: English Studies in Canada; and English for Specific Purposes.
  • Selected Publications

    Moussu, L. (2016). Student attitudes, teacher self-perceptions, and Intensive English Program administrator beliefs and practices towards native and nonnative ESL teachers: Implications for teacher education and professional development. Book chapter for Teacher Education and Professional Development in TESOL: Global Perspectives, edited by TIRF (TESOL’s International Research Foundation for English Language Education). Routledge, pp. 68-80.

    Moussu, L. and David, N. (2015). Writing centers: Finding a center for ESL writers. Book chapter in ESL Readers and Writers in Higher Education: Understanding Challenges, Providing Support, edited by Norman Evans and Neil Anderson. Routledge.

    Moussu, L. (2013, Spring). Let’s Talk! ESL students’ needs and writing centre philosophy. The TESL Canada Journal (30)2, 55-68.

    Moussu, L. (2012). Writing center. Book chapter in R. Kubota & Y. Sun (Eds), Demystifying Career Paths after Graduate School: A Guide for Second Language Professionals in Higher Education. Information Age Publishing Press.

    Moussu, L. (2012, February). Bridging gaps--An unusual writing center bringing unusual high school students to university. WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship 36(5-6), 7-10.

    Moussu, L. (2010). Influence of teacher-contact time and other variables on ESL students attitudes towards native- and nonnative-English-speaking teachers. TESOL Quarterly, 44(4), 746-768.

    Moussu, L. (2010). Toward a conversation between ESL teachers and Intensive English Program administrators. TESOL Journal, 1(4), 400-426.

    Moussu, L. & Llurda, E. (2008). Non-native English-speaking ESL teachers: History and Research. Language Teaching, 41(3), 315-348.

    Moussu, L. & Braine, G. (2006). The attitudes of ESL students towards nonnative English language teachers. TESL Reporter, 39, 33-47.
  • Teaching

    WRS 301: Introduction to Writing Centre Practice

    WRS 603: Writing Centre Theory

    WRS 605: Issues in Second Language Writing

    Canadian Writing Centre Association Research Survey


Administrative Assistant
Erica Osko

Undergraduate-Level Bios

  • Audrey
    Audrey is a 3rd year German language major, with an English minor. She has previously completed an undergraduate degree in Drama. Audrey has a deep love of the English language, and would be happy to help you with working on clear expression, logical argument, and any puns you might be developing.
  • Bailey
    Bailey is an English major with a minor in a Comparative Literature on the last leg of her degree. In addition to reading and writing within her own program, she is also interested in feminist theory and more creative forms of writing. Her top priorities during her tutoring sessions are ensuring that her client's immediate needs are met and that they leave with enough information to apply to future written assignments as well, setting them up with the tools needed to be better writers overall. Bailey is kind, understanding, and often embeds humour in her teaching style to keep her sessions upbeat. She hopes to instill writing confidence in each one of her clients as well as answer any questions they have and give her best possible advice to them. Bailey looks forward to meeting with you!
  • Breanne
    Breanne is a fourth year undergraduate student with a major in English and a minor in Drama. In her spare time she enjoys creative writing, reading, and anything in relation to musical theatre. She has personally experienced many problems that student writers may encounter in their careers. Breanne is happy to help students at all levels and areas of study in the Centre for Writers.
  • Bronte
    Bronte Wells is an Open Studies student with the goal of entering Law school in two years. She has completed an undergraduate degree with double majors in History and English. Her approach to tutoring is simple: she wants you to become a more confident writer and she wants to process to be as pleasant and as enjoyable as possible. She works with students to help them determine their writing goals, and then what we can do together to achieve those goals.
  • Dylan - Online Tutor
    For better or worse, Dylan is addicted to learning. He is now enrolled in an interdisciplinary BA Environmental Studies, offered through the faculties of ALES, Arts, Native Studies, and Science; the path to this degree hasn’t been straight. Initially enrolled in Engineering, Dylan transferred into Conservation Biology and, despite the appeals of English, Philosophy, and every other obscure class he hears about, he plans (hopes) to stick with Environmental Studies. Dylan is as comfortable with creative writing and cover letters as he is with lab reports and analytic essays. Whatever your writing needs, Dylan is here to help.
  • Jacqueline - Online Tutor
    Jacqueline is an undergraduate student majoring in philosophy. If you are interested in enhancing clarity, precision, or coherence, she will be glad to help you. She believes that writing is a skill, and that everyone can improve with effort.
  • Julia
    Julia is a second-year arts student with an interest in English, gender studies and drama. She loves writing and can't wait to help and learn from other writers.
  • Katherine - Online Tutor
    Katherine is a recent graduate of the Faculty of Education with a Major in English and a Minor in Drama. She taught both English as a Second Language and English Language Arts at École Maurice Lavallée at the end of the 2016/2017 school year but has returned to the U of A this fall to round out her pre-requisites before pursuing her Master's in English and Creative Writing. This is her third year working as a tutor both in-person and online and she looks forward to helping you achieve your writing goals.
  • Kristina
    Kristina is going into her third year as a comparative literature major with a minor in creative writing. She loves the written word and the English language but earnestly understands that it can be frustrating. Kristina approaches her tutoring sessions with positivity, acceptance, and understanding. She seeks to show clients that no matter their level they can write.
  • Kyla
    Kyla is a third year undergraduate Arts student working towards an English degree with a minor in Sociology. She is an avid reader and has experience writing papers for various Arts courses. Kyla looks forward to helping students any way she can!
  • Maryam
    Maryam is a 2nd year student in the Faculty of Arts, double majoring in Sociology and Comparative Literature. Her strengths include creative writing, social and philosophical theory, and literary analysis. She was previously a Biological Sciences minor, and has a good understanding of writing in STEM subjects as well. She looks forward to working with you!
  • Maryama
    Maryama is a fourth year Arts student double majoring in English and Psychology. She has done countless writing throughout her studies and understands the challenges that students experience during the writing process. She enjoys helping people at any stage of their writing and hopes to help students become more confident writers!
  • Nina
    Nina is a third-year undergraduate student with a major in English. She enjoys critical essay-writing and creative fiction, and is passionate about language-learning, music, and popular culture. Having prior experience tutoring ESL high school students and teaching English abroad, Nina is open to diverse perspectives on writing and looks forward to working with students who want to grow as writers.
  • Petra
    Petra is a fourth year English major who loves the written word in all its forms, from poetry, to persuasive essays, to reports. She has worked as a technical writer, editor, and blogger for the online presence of several local and international businesses. Aside from her passion for the English language, Petra also speaks, reads, and writes in Arabic. She loves to help others find their voice on paper.
  • Samrah
    Samrah is a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Faculty of Education. She is majoring in English and minoring in Physical Education. With the goal of one day becoming a teacher, Samrah hopes to reach out to other students and help them with any writing pieces they may have. Outside of class, she is the President of her Toastmasters Club, enjoys bodybuilding, and loves hanging out with parrots.
  • Shannen
    Shannen is a third year undergraduate English student with a German minor and she is currently pursuing an interest in translation studies. She has a good eye for structure and organization, but also enjoys more creative writing. Years of volunteer work have ingrained a desire to help others and she looks forward to interacting with other writers. When she's not reading or studying, she can be found at a hockey rink or practicing kickboxing. 
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie is specialized in Secondary Education, majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in English Language Arts. Through her studies at the University of Alberta, she has also gained ample experience in psychology, writing studies, physics, earth sciences, native studies, philosophy, world religions, and sociology. Feel free to discuss these topics with her! During your session together, you will have the opportunity to share your progress, explore any initial concerns, and discuss efficient tactics to remedy high-priority issues. Whether you would like to revise your lab report, ask questions about grammar, gain citation resources, or simply have an outsider's insight for your essay, Stephanie is excited to partner with you!
  • Tyler
    Tyler is a fourth year undergraduate studying at the University of Alberta. He is majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing. Following his academic career, he aspires to write professionally, with a focus on fiction.

Graduate-Level Tutors

  • Belinda
    Belinda is a doctoral student of Comparative Literature in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. She has a BA in English and a MA in Translation Studies from mainland China. She welcomes students from diverse disciplines and is glad to help with assignments and other writings of different purposes in the hope that you improve your writing skills and become better writers. She has six years of experience working with ESL students in mainland China, and is looking forward to working with students with various background. Her own research interest includes: Chinese martial arts fiction, gender studies, cultural studies and film studies.
  • Majid - Workshop Instructor
    Majid is a PhD student at the Faculty of Education, specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). He received his Bachelor's in English Language and Literature and his Master's in English Language Teaching (ELT). He has been teaching ESL and EAP courses since 2007. He has also been working as a tutor at the Centre for Writers since May 2016. Majid welcomes writings of different genres from across different departments.
  • Mansoureh - Writing Group Facilitator
    Mansoureh is a doctoral student in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta. She has a BA and an MA in English, and has many years of experience in ESL/EFL and college teaching. Apart from her love for teaching and learning languages, she is interested in Women's Writing, contemporary fiction, sociology of literature, continental philosophy, and twentieth century theory and criticism. She would be glad to help you improve your writing skills, and use your written form of English more effectively to become terrific writers! Mansoureh is currently teaching C LIT 101, and would like to encourage her students to book appointments with other tutors at the Centre for Writers, and benefit from their expertise.
  • Mayanak
    Mayank has bachelor and master degrees in Biochemical Engineering and is currently a doctoral candidate in Engineering Management at the University of Alberta. Mayank has been teaching assistant and tutors in science and engineering courses and has published several scientific papers and reports. He is equally proficient at tailoring lesson plans to incorporate students’ diverse interests. Always excited to answer questions and share his love of writing, he hopes to help each individual student achieve his or her unique writing goals. 
  • Moni
    Moni is in her first year of the MSc Rural Sociology program at the UofA. Her academic interests include food production, environmental issues, and sustainable consumption; however, she is happy to chat with you about any topic! Moni believes that writing is not only the expression of ideas, but rather a process for developing and refining ideas. In particular, she loves to help others with brainstorming and organizing their ideas, so give her a visit well before your final draft.
  • Nathan - Writing Group Facilitator
    Nathan has an Honours Degree in Biology from the University of Victoria, as well as a Professional Writing Minor in Journalism and Publishing. He is currently working on a Master's degree in the Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. Whenever possible, he indulges his passion for science journalism and the promotion of science literacy and critical thinking. He's enthusiastic about tutoring not only so that he can help students improve their academic confidence and performance, but also so that he can learn from the unique suite of skills, knowledge, and experience that every student has to offer.
  • Pony
    Pony is a PhD candidate in an interdisciplinary program in the Faculty of Physical Education and the Drama Department. Combining cultural studies and performance studies, their current research investigates the role of drag kinging in the lives of Alberta drag kings. Pony has a B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Women Studies from the University of Kentucky and a M.S. in Recreation Management from the University of Montana in the United States. They have published several research papers in scholarly journals and have experience teaching technical writing at the University level. Pony has been a tutor at the Centre for Writers since August 2013; they enjoy working with students from diverse disciplines and they approach tutoring sessions with curiosity and attentiveness, providing guidance and mentorship as needed to help clients become better writers.
  • Shahnaz - Writing Group Facilitator
    Shahnaz is a PhD candidate in Faculty of Arts, studying Translation Studies. She is passionate about writing and understands how frustrating writing can be. So, she tries her best to help students get through the writing process by helping them understand their errors and mistakes, while teaching them how to improve in those areas and gain the skills to criticize their own writing and perform self-editing. Shahnaz can help you in a range of topics including humanities and social sciences, sciences, and engineering in English, French, Persian, and Arabic languages in both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Silvia - Writing Group Facilitator
    Silvia is a doctoral candidate specializing in Russian language and literature. She received both her BA in English and Russian, and her MA in Russian from Sapienza University of Rome. She has been teaching languages since 2006, in particular ESL (English as a Second Language), Russian, and Italian; she has been a tutor at the C4W for four years and has recently started teaching Writing Studies. Among her interests, there are literature, comparative literature, SLA (Second Language Acquisition), translation studies, linguistics, philology, and much more! Silvia will also be glad to help you with your assignments and personal writing in Russian 111-112 and all levels of Italian.