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C4W peer tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have been trained in the theory and practice of peer tutoring. These tutors are enrolled in faculties and programs across campus: in the humanities, the sciences, business, education, and beyond.

Don't worry if you can't find a tutor who specializes in the exact subject of your assignment. All of the tutors are qualified to help with writing in any discipline.

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Spring/Summer 2019 Tutors

Undergraduate Tutors

Name: Audrey

Program: German

Year of Study: 4th

Audrey is a 4th year German major, English minor, with a passion for logic and ordering. Continuing her English minor from a previous Arts degree, she has had ample experience writing in an academic environment, which has been further honed by studying to work at the Centre for Writers. She is happy to help you with any piece of writing, at any stage, from editing whatever materials you have, to brainstorming when you are just starting out.

Name: Bronte

Program: Open Studies; Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts: History/English

Year of Study: 7th

Bronte is an Open Studies student, who has a Bachelor of Arts with double majors in History and English. She is preparing her Law application and a graduate studies application or two. If you are applying too, she gives you her sympathies. She loves books, coffee, and her cat, but not necessarily in that order. Given how many years she has been in the University, the caffeine addiction is not a surprise! Her goal is to help others become more comfortable and confident in their writing.

Name: Maryam

Program: Sociology and Comparative Literature

Year of Study: 3rd

Maryam is focused on multiple aspects and fields of writing, but is especially passionate about creative writing, literary analysis, and social theory. All writing is fair game for her, and she is always looking to learn from fields new to her. Other than Literature and Sociology, she also has academic experience in Chemistry, Biology, Classics, and Philosophy. In her free time you can find her buying more books than her shelves can hold (and ignoring them in favour of reading comics anyway) or watching film theory video-essays. She looks forward to working with you!


Name: Nikole

Program: Bachelor of Education, After degree

Year of study: 4th

After immigrating to Canada at the age of 3, Nikole has been fully immersed in Canadian culture and is proud to call this beautiful country her home (without forgetting her Ukrainian and Slovak roots). The daughter of an aviation engineer father and a mother who dedicates herself to diagnosing those with cancer, Nikole understands that her work is cut out for her. However, she is not afraid of the challenge. With every year that passes, Nikole works hard at refining her writing and her thinking, because her vision is to create a lasting contribution to this world.


Name: Tyler

Program: English

Year of Study: 5th

Tyler is an undergraduate with a minor in Creative Writing, and is excited for his second year at the C4W. Though his interests lie primarily in writing creative fiction, he also enjoys film studies. He has helped students of various backgrounds and finds his strength in structure and cohesion. Tyler understands that everyone learns at their own pace and knows that patience goes a long way towards helping students grow. He will do his best to help any student become a stronger writer!


Graduate Tutors

Name: Belinda

Program: PhD Comparative Literature

Year of Study: 4th

Belinda is a doctoral student of Comparative Literature in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. She has a BA in English and an MA in Translation Studies from mainland China. She welcomes students from diverse disciplines and is glad to help with assignments and other writings of different purposes. She has six years of experience working with ESL students in mainland China and is looking forward to working with students with various background. Her own research interests include: gender and queer studies, cultural studies, Chinese martial arts fiction and film, etc.


Name: Erin

Program: M.Sc. Biological Sciences

Year of Study: 2nd year

Erin completed her BSc at the University of Waterloo in the ecology co-op program and is currently studying biogeochemistry of permafrost landscapes that are sensitive to drastic thaw. She grew up playing sports during the day and writing at night. Erin continues to casually play hockey, snowboard, and is learning pottery. She enjoys a diverse rotation of books and records. She likes to cook and bake when she has time, and travel when she has money. Erin is very fond of poetry and is happy to have found a home in the BIP community.


Name: Kaarel

Program: PhD Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Year of Study: 3rd year

Kaarel is a doctoral student interested in problems of Earth history that involve aspects of biology, geochemistry and material science. He has recently published several research articles in scientific journals. His experience studying and working in more than 10 countries has given him an appreciation of the variety of English spoken and written around the world and the diverse set of challenges facing second-language English writers. With his patient and empathetic tutoring style, he aims to create a stress-free and welcoming environment for people at all levels and backgrounds that are looking to improve their writing in the C4W.

Name: Kacey

Program: PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics

Year of Study: 4th

Writing Group Facilitator

Kacey is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biology, and her area of study is understanding how cell signaling pathways influence the development of the inner ear. She found an unexpected passion for teaching when she was enlisted as a laboratory TA at the beginning of her graduate degree, and she now strives to help students both inside and outside the classroom to improve their writing skills. Having instructed undergraduates and graduates alike, she has experience teaching her students how to write a wide variety of assignments in the sciences.


Name: Majid

Program: PhD TESL

Year of Study: 4th

Majid is a PhD candidate in the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) program at the Department of Educational Psychology. He is currently in the fourth year of his studies, and his research is focused on grammar instruction for adult learners of English as a second language. He has been teaching EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses at the Faculty of Extension since 2017. He also has experience teaching IELTS and general ESL courses. As a tutor who has been working at the Centre for Writers for 2.5 years, he welcomes a wide range of assignments, from undergraduate term papers to graduate theses and dissertations, from different areas of study.


Name: Moni

Program: MSc Rural Sociology

Year of Study: 2nd

Online tutor

Moni is in her second year of the MSc Rural (Environmental) Sociology program, coming from a BSc in Nutrition and Food Science. With this background, she has taken many courses in both the social and natural sciences, and she enjoys learning about these topics from her students. She especially loves working together in the earlier stages of writing. Feel free to visit her with your first draft or even just a couple ideas. It is never too early to start organizing your thoughts and get your creative juices flowing.

Name: Reza

Program: MSc Chemical Engineering

Year of Study: 2nd

Reza is an M.Sc. student in the department of Chemical and Materials Engineering currently in the 2nd year of study. He has experience teaching IELTS courses to ESL students and is very excited to help clients from various languages disciplines. His research interests are polymers and oil sands extractions.