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C4W peer tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have been trained in the theory and practice of peer tutoring. These tutors are enrolled in faculties and programs across campus: in the humanities, the sciences, business, education, and beyond.

Don't worry if you can't find a tutor who specializes in the exact subject of your assignment. All of the tutors are qualified to help with writing in any discipline.

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Fall 2020 Tutors

Undergraduate Tutors

Name: Alysha
Program: Secondary Education
Year of Study: 3rd 

Alysha is currently tackling her way through English and French Second Language, and loving every minute of it! She has had lots of exciting experiences with teaching English, working in classrooms with both ESL adults and first-year international students. Alysha has extensive practice writing papers for Arts disciplines, and loves to help with organization and essay planning. When she isn't furiously typing out essays, you can find her swimming laps or watching mediocre indie films (which she does truly enjoy).

Name: Audrey
Program: Law
Year of Study: 1st

Audrey is a 1st year Law student, with previous degrees in Drama and German. Minoring in English across both of these, she has ample experience writing in an academic environment, further honed by working at the Centre for Writers. She is happy to help you with any piece of writing, at any stage, from examining late stage drafts, to brainstorming when you are just starting out.

Name: Breanne
Program: Elementary Education
Year of Study: 1st year of After Degree

Breanne is in her first year of an After Degree in Elementary Education. In 2019, she completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English. Breanne is excited to return to the University as well as the Centre for Writers. She loves helping clients in all disciplines succeed at and discover their potential for great writing. Her favourite things to write are scripts, and light articles. In her spare time Breanne likes to see live theatre, read fiction, and go to Zumba class.

Name: Celeste
Program: English Honors
Year of Study: 4th

Celeste is a has been studying English and Philosophy for four years, and hopes to proceed to a Master’s Degree in English and PhD afterwards. Her areas of interest include classics, pop literature analysis, ethics and structures of rhetoric and narrative. She loves to help students find a strong written voice in any sort of academic work and enjoys helping to sharpen arguments to their most precise forms. She is most knowledgeable in working with essays, personal responses and creative writing, but is open to assisting with any text in any stage of development.

Name: Emily
Program: Arts/English
Year of Study: 4th

Emily believes that writing from any field should be logically ordered, easy to understand, and clearly/concisely communicated. Although she is an English major, Emily loves working and talking with all students. She has experience writing in Education, Art History, Psychology, and Comparative Literature. Emily also speaks fluent French and is currently learning Spanish, with plans to tackle Italian next.

Name: Jayson
Program: Arts, MLCS (German)
Year of Study: 4th 

In their studies, Jayson focuses on German, translation, and comparative literature. They also have experience writing across the disciplines, ranging from mathematics to linguistics to music. They look forward to assisting you with any kind of writing assignment no matter the stage it is at. When they have a spare moment, they enjoy playing classical piano, watching nostalgic animated TV, or walking through lovely wooded areas with their dog, Meira.

Name: Johanna
Program: Philosophy
Year of Study: 4th

Johanna is a life-long language lover and enjoys discovering new things about how English, other languages, and language in general work. She has more experience with essays than lab reports, but is happy to help with any writing project from the brainstorming stage to the final draft. Constructing and organizing strong arguments are two of the most valuable and transferable writing skills she has learned from studying philosophy.

Name: Jonathan
Program: BSc with Specialization in Physiology and Developmental Biology
Year of Study: 5th

Jonathan is in his fifth year of undergraduate study and is studying physiology and developmental biology. Despite being versed in sciences, Jonathan finds much joy in other fields of creative or expressive writing. Some interests of his include dancing, karaoke and any aesthetics related to Alice in Wonderland. At the Centre for Writers, Jonathan aims to help writers in becoming more assured in their abilities to write impactful texts that communicate meaningful ideas that are relevant to them.

Name: Julia
Program: English/Drama double major
Year of Study: 5th

Julia is an undergraduate student with a double major in English and drama and a minor in French. She is interested in history, writing studies, and gender studies, and enjoys working with students from all disciplines on clarity, concision, and organization in their writing. She understands that developing your writing skills is a lifelong process, and looks forward to supporting other writers at every point in their development. Outside of the writing centre, Julia can be found reading, performing, or petting cats.

Name: Vivian
Program: Open Studies (Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts: English (Major)/Film Studies (Minor))
Year of Study: First year in Open Studies

Vivian is an Open Studies student and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an English Major and Film Studies Minor. She is most experienced with research and analytical essays, but can help with any piece of writing. Aside from tutoring at the Center for Writers, she is currently a senior contributor at The Gateway. Outside of school, she likes to spend her time listening to audio books, watching Netflix, and spending way too much money on food.

Graduate Tutors

Name: Anna
Program: PhD in Transnational and Comparative Literatures
Year of study: 5th

Anna is a doctoral student at the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, with a previous background in Translation Studies and experience of teaching English and German as foreign languages. Her primary interests are translation theory, gender studies, and second language acquisition. She would be happy to help students from various disciplines with a wide range of writing genres and types of assignments.

Name: Belinda
Program: Comparative Literature
Year of Study: 6th

Belinda is a doctoral student of Comparative Literature in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. She has a BA in English and an MA in Translation Studies from mainland China. She welcomes students from diverse disciplines and is glad to help with assignments and other writings of different purposes. Her major research interests include queer and transgender theories, post-colonial studies, studies of Chinese martial arts fiction and film.

Name: Kacey
Program: PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics
Year of Study: 6th

Kacey is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biology, and her area of study is understanding how cell signaling pathways influence the development of the inner ear. She found an unexpected passion for teaching when she was enlisted as a laboratory TA at the beginning of her graduate degree, and she now strives to help students both inside and outside the classroom to improve their writing skills. Having instructed undergraduates and graduates alike, she has experience teaching her students how to write a wide variety of assignments in the sciences.

Name: Majid
Program: PhD in TESL
Year of Study: 5th

Majid is a PhD student in the TESL program at the Department of Educational Psychology. He has also been an EAP instructor at the Faculty of Extension for 3 years. He is willing to help you with any assignment that you have, especially CVs, Statements of Interest, Essays, and term papers.

Name: Moni
Program: MSc Rural Sociology
Year of Study: 3rd

Moni is the final stretch of her graduate program, coming from a BSc in Nutrition and Food Science. With this background, she has taken many courses in both the social and natural sciences. She especially loves working with clients in their earlier stages of writing. Feel free to visit her with your first draft or even just a few ideas!

Name: Petra
Program: MLIS
Year of Study: 2nd

Petra is a second year Master’s of Library and Information Studies student who loves the written word in all its forms, from poetry, to persuasive essays, to reports. Aside from her passion for the English language, Petra also speaks, reads, and writes in Arabic. She loves to help others find their voice on paper.

Name: Rebekah
Program: MSc Biological Sciences (Ecology)
Year of Study: 3rd year

Rebekah specialises in helping science students work on research projects, and on improving clarity and conciseness of essay writing. She particularly enjoys helping students from any field break free from writers block, or develop plans for pieces of writing. Outside of the writing centre Rebekah enjoys caring for her collection of 30+ indoor plants, annoying her pet gerbils, and baking.

Name: Renée 
Program: PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics
Year of Study: 3rd year

Renée is a doctoral student interested in the genetic pathways that regulate the development of the brain. While science writing is most familiar to her, she is happy to help with any types of assignment students may bring. Outside of her studies, Renée is enthusiastic about science communication, baking, bouldering and cats.

Name: Saeid

Program: PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Year of Study: 6th

Saeid is PhD candidate at the Mechanical Engineering Department. He has B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in chemical engineering. His scientific publications and presentation experiences made him able to help both first and second-language English speakers in different genres of writing. He would be happy to help others at all levels and disciplines improve their writing at the C4W.

Name: Shahnaz
Program: PhD in Media Studies
Year of Study: 7th

Shahnaz is a PhD Candidate in Media and Cultural Studies, and she has studies English Language and Translation for her Bachelor and master's degrees. She has been a tutor at the Centre for Writers since October 2014 and is passionate about writing and communication. Shahnaz is familiar with the challenges of writing and welcomes writings from various subjects and disciplines. She truly enjoys helping students in writing and accomplishing their goals in their studies!

Name: Stenette
Program: PhD in Anthropology
Year of Study: 3rd (10th overall)

Stenette is a PhD student in Anthropology with a passion for helping people set and reach their writing goals. Having studied in France for two years, she has a first-hand understanding of the challenges that come with needing to think and write in a language that you are not completely comfortable in. She has experience tutoring people from many different walks of life, from children just learning to read and write, to adults learning English as a second language. She also tutors high-school learners and students within specific academic fields, which range widely within arts and social sciences. She truly believes that anybody can write well if they are willing to work at it, and is very excited to teach you the skills you need to become a confident writer.

Name: Teea
Program: EdPsych/TESL
Year of Study: 2nd

Teea is a second year Master’s student of Educational Psychology. Her area of study is Teaching English as a Second Language. As an undergraduate, she studied Classics and Anthropology. She has experience working with English language learners in Canada and abroad and enjoys helping them find their voice in English. Teea is excited to help you with both academic and non-academic writing.

Name: Yaghma

Program: English and Film Studies

Year of Study: 3rd year

Yaghma is a PhD student interested in all things film and television, in particular authorship and fandoms. She has experience working with English language learners and has also instructed undergraduate students in English. Yaghma is happy to help you with your writing, regardless of your level and discipline.