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C4W peer tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have been trained in the theory and practice of peer tutoring. These tutors are enrolled in faculties and programs across campus: in the humanities, the sciences, business, education, and beyond.

Don't worry if you can't find a tutor who specializes in the exact subject of your assignment. All of the tutors are qualified to help with writing in any discipline.

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Spring/Summer 2020 Tutors

Undergraduate Tutors

Name: Audrey
Program: German
Year of Study: 3rd year, After Degree

Audrey is a German major, English minor, with a passion for logic and ordering. Continuing her English minor from a previous Arts degree, she has had ample experience writing in an academic environment, which has been further honed by studying to work at the Centre for Writers. She is happy to help you with any piece of writing, at any stage, from editing whatever materials you have to brainstorming when you are just starting out.

Name: Emily
Program: Arts, English
Year of Study: Three

In addition to studying English, Emily has experience writing across various disciplines such as Comparative Literature, Art History, and Education. However, she is passionate about all forms of writing and would be delighted to assist you with any assignment. She is fluent in both English and French, and is currently learning Spanish.

Name: Johanna
Program: Philosophy
Year of Study: Three

Johanna is a life-long language lover and has taken classes in Spanish, German, and Japanese. She hopes to pursue a Master of Library & Information Studies after finishing her bachelor's degree, as she finds joy in facilitating learning and spends most of her time in the library anyway. Essays are the type of academic writing that she has the most experience with, but she is happy to help with any form of writing.

Name: Jonathan
Program: BSc, Specialization in Physiology and Developmental Biology
Year of Study: Four

Jonathan is in his fourth year of undergraduate study and is studying physiology and developmental biology. Despite being versed in sciences, Jonathan finds much joy in other fields of creative or expressive writing. Some interests of his include dancing, karaoke and any aesthetics related to Alice in Wonderland. At the Centre for Writers, Jonathan aims to help writers in becoming more assured in their abilities to write impactful texts that communicate meaningful ideas that are relevant to them.

Name: Vivian
Program: Open Studies
(Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts: English/Film Studies)
Year of Study: First year, Open Studies

Vivian is an Open Studies student and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an English Major and Film Studies Minor. She is most experienced with research and analytical essays but can help with any piece of writing. Aside from tutoring at the Center for Writers, she is currently a volunteer contributor for The Gateway. Outside of school, she likes to spend her time listening to audiobooks, watching Netflix, and spending way too much money on food.

Graduate Tutors

Name: Kaarel
Program: PhD in Earth Science
Year of Study: Four

Kaarel is a doctoral student interested in problems of Earth history that involve aspects of biology, geochemistry and material science. His scientific publications, presentation experiences, and his work in several different countries have made him particularly able to help both first and second-language English speakers grapple with the diverse set of writing challenges in the sciences. However, he is happy to help students at all levels and disciplines improve their writing in the C4W.

Name: Kacey
Program: PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics
Year of Study: Six

Kacey is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biology. Her area of study is understanding how cell signaling pathways influence the development of the inner ear. She found an unexpected passion for teaching when she was enlisted as a Teaching Assistant at the beginning of her graduate degree, and she now strives to help students both inside and outside the classroom to improve on their writing skills. Having instructed undergraduate and graduate students alike, she has experience teaching her students how to write a wide variety of assignments in the sciences.

Name: Petra
Program: MLIS Library and Information Studies
Year of Study: One

Petra is a first-year Master's student of Library and Information Studies who loves the written word in all its forms, from poetry to persuasive essays, to reports. Aside from her passion for the English language, Petra also speaks, reads and writes in Arabic. She loves to help others find their voice on paper.

Name: Spencer
Program: MSc in Biology
Year of Study: Three

Spencer enjoys every aspect of the writing process but finds the beginning stages the most interesting. He is happy to teach you about developing proper structure, editing, and writing with concision. Spencer welcomes the opportunity to work on essays, theses, resumes, cover letters, and lab reports.

Name: Teea
Program: EdPsych/TESL
Year of Study: One

Teea is a first year Master’s student of Educational Psychology. Her area of study is Teaching English as a Second Language. As an undergraduate, she studied Classics and Anthropology. She has experience working with English language learners in Canada and abroad and enjoys helping them find their voice in English. Teea is happy to help with any type of writing assignment and has a particular passion for assisting students to support their arguments.