Meet Our Tutors

C4W peer tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have been trained in the theory and practice of peer tutoring. These tutors are enrolled in faculties and programs across campus: in the humanities, the sciences, business, education, and beyond.

Don't worry if you can't find a tutor who specializes in the exact subject of your assignment. All of the tutors are qualified to help with writing in any discipline.

Undergraduate Tutors


Program: Secondary Education

Alysha is currently a 4th year tackling her way through English and French Second Language, and loving every minute of it! She has had lots of exciting experiences with teaching English, working in classrooms with both ESL adults and first-year international students. Alysha has extensive practice writing papers for Arts disciplines and loves to help with organization and essay planning. When she isn't furiously typing out essays, you can find her swimming laps or watching mediocre indie films (which she does truly enjoy).


Program: Law

Audrey is a first-year Law student, with previous degrees in Drama and German. Minoring in English across both of these, she has ample experience writing in an academic environment, further honed by working at the Centre for Writers. She is happy to help you with any piece of writing, at any stage, from examining late-stage drafts, to brainstorming when you are just starting out.


Program: BSc in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

Ayla is a 5th year Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology Honours student, who is also working towards her Certificate in Sustainability. She is most experienced with research and scientific literature, but can assist with a variety of disciplines and assignments. In addition to scientific writing, Ayla enjoys collaborating on creative pieces and multimodal projects.


Program: Elementary Education

Breanne previously completed a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2019, and has worked as a Peer Tutor with the Centre for Writers since 2016. She is happy to help students at all levels with any aspect of their writing, and hopes she can guide them towards feeling confident in their writing abilities.


Program: English

Emily believes that every piece of writing should be clear, concise, and logical. She enjoys reading assignments from different faculties and always tries to provide feedback in a kind and simple manner. In addition to English, she is fluent in French, and is currently learning Spanish. In her spare time, Emily likes to work out and develop her passion for gymnastics.


Program: Elementary Education

Gillian is a 3rd year Education student passionate about all aspects of teaching and learning. She enjoys helping students from all different backgrounds find confidence as writers, and especially appreciates how her role as a tutor allows her to peek into all of the interesting and diverse work that goes on at the University. She is excited to work with you on any project, at any stage in the writing process!


Program: Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

In their studies, Jaysin focuses on German, translation, and comparative literature. They also have experience writing across the disciplines, ranging from mathematics to linguistics to music. They look forward to assisting you with any kind of writing assignment no matter the stage it is at. When they have a spare moment, they enjoy playing classical piano, watching nostalgic animated TV, or walking through lovely wooded areas with their dog, Meira.


Program: Business Technology Management

Rebecca is a 3rd-year Business Technology Management major and Computing Science minor. She looks forward to helping students in the Alberta School of Business with their written assignments and multimedia presentations. Rebecca also enjoys helping students with analytical and argumentative essays but is happy to help students with the writing of any subject and at any stage. Outside of school, Rebecca spends her time finding new music for her playlists, learning German, and playing Stardew Valley.


Program: Secondary Education

Victoria is currently an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Education. She previously completed a BA in history and film studies. Victoria has the most experience writing papers for history and English classes but is happy to tutor students from any discipline. She likes that tutoring gives her the chance to learn from students in other disciplines. In her free time, Victoria likes biking, cooking, and Netflix.

Graduate Tutors


Program: PhD in Transnational and Comparative Literatures

Anna is a doctoral student at the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, with a previous background in Translation Studies and experience of teaching English and German as foreign languages. Her primary interests are translation theory, gender studies, and second language acquisition. She would be happy to help students from various disciplines with a wide range of writing genres and types of assignments.


Program: MSc in Bioresource Technology

Bingxin is a master’s student interested in sustainable aviation fuel production. She has a bachelor’s degree with Honors in Food Science. While she is most familiar with science and engineering writing, owing to her diverse background and experience in foreign language writing, she understands the challenges of writing in a second language and is more than happy to help students from various disciplines. In her spare time, Bingxin enjoys playing the piano and dancing. She is also a real baker!


Program: PhD in Transnational and Comparative Literatures

Derya is a PhD candidate and in her fifth year in Transnational and Comparative Literatures. She has been working as a TA and a principal instructor for the MLCS at the University of Alberta. She has a decade of teaching experience as an ESL instructor and a passion for trees, ancient cities, people's stories and apple pies. Her passion for tutoring comes from her desire to be a part of a meaningful dialogue between people, cultures, and texts. She intends to make sure people can write as well as they mean. Her favorite quote, "To those who no longer have a homeland, writing becomes home" by Theodor Adorno, defines her tutoring philosophy.


Program: MA in History

Dylan is working towards a Master's degree in Environmental History, studying the socio-ecological dimensions of metallurgical coal mining in the Rocky Mountains. He worked as a writing tutor for three years during his undergraduate years, where he gained experience tutoring students from a broad range of academic subjects. Dylan is comfortable helping you with anything: your lab reports, creative writing assignments, applications, and everything in between. Dylan also empathizes and understands being a stressed-out student. He alleviates his stress by gardening, reading, playing music, hiking in the river valley, and cuddling all the dogs he can.


Program: MA in History

Julia is a graduate student with a BA in English, drama and French. She is interested in women’s history and gender studies and enjoys working with students from all disciplines on clarity, concision, and organization in their writing. She understands that developing your writing skills is a lifelong process, and looks forward to supporting other writers at every point in their development. Outside of the writing centre, Julia can be found reading, performing, or petting cats.


Program: PhD in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) 

Majid is a PhD candidate in the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) program at the Department of Educational Psychology. He is currently in the fourth year of his studies, and his research is focused on grammar instruction for adult learners of English as a second language. He has been teaching EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses at the Faculty of Extension since 2017. He also has experience teaching IELTS and general ESL courses. As a tutor who has been working at the Centre for Writers for 2.5 years, he welcomes a wide range of assignments, from undergraduate term papers to graduate theses and dissertations, from different areas of study.


Program: PhD in Ecology

Raytha is a doctoral student in Ecology, with a passion for science and communication. They have experience with all stages of writing in scientific research, from brainstorming ideas to preparing proposals, lab reports, and term papers, but they are happy to help anybody in a variety of subjects. Raytha believes that everybody can learn from their writing and become a better communicator. Outside of school, Raytha enjoys cooking, working out, and playing video games.


Program: PhD in Ecology

While Rebekah's thesis focuses on behavioural ecology, she is open to helping students with writing projects from a wide range of fields and topics. Rebekah particularly enjoys working with students in the early stages of the writing process such as forming ideas and working through understanding the assignment guidelines. In her spare time, Rebekah enjoys tending to her 80+ house plants, gerbils, and growing collection of freshwater tropical fish.


Program: PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Renée is a doctoral student interested in the genetic pathways involved in the development of the brain. While well-versed in lab reports and science writing, she is happy to help with any types of assignments students may bring. Outside of her studies, Renée is enthusiastic about science communication, baking, bouldering, and cats.


Program: PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Sabrina is a doctoral student in the Department of Biological Sciences with a passion for helping students communicate science effectively. Although she has the most expertise in assisting with scientific communication, she is happy to help with any type of writing or multimedia assignment. When not tutoring at the writing centre, Sabrina works in a lab trying to understand the genes that regulate vertebrate cranial development. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys listening to podcasts, rock climbing, exercising, and cuddling with her newly adopted cats Jam and Jelly.


Program: PhD in Slavic Languages

Silvia is a PhD candidate in Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, specializing in Slavic Languages. She has extensive experience teaching Writing Studies, English for Academic Purposes, and Technical Communication. She is also the co-founder of the Guided Writing Instruction Groups for international graduate students (GWIGs) at the Centre for Writers. She'll be happy to help you with any kind of writing you're working on!


Program: PhD in Clinical Child Psychology

Tasmia is a fourth-year PhD Candidate in the School and Clinical Child Psychology program at the Faculty of Education. She enjoys working with students and helping them share their voices through their writing. She is excited to review papers, research proposals, posters, and personal statements. When not working with students, Tasmia enjoys reading non-fiction for pleasure, baking, and watching TV.


Program: PhD in Biological Sciences

Tim is a 4th year PhD candidate studying how bacteria respond to stresses. While having the most experience with scientific writing, Tim is happy to help students from any discipline with any kind of writing at any stage of the writing process. He particularly likes helping people prepare presentations and scholarship applications. When he's not in the lab, Tim enjoys playing his out-of-tune piano, listening to various kinds of Japanese music, and reading about history, philosophy, and theology.


Program: PhD in English and Film Studies

Yaghma is a PhD student in the Department of English and Film Studies. She has experience working with English language learners and has also worked as a principal instructor and a TA for EFS here at the UofA. Her interests are TV studies, queer theory, and fan studies. She would be happy to help you with your writing, whether you’re brainstorming for an upcoming essay or hoping to get feedback on a completed assignment.