Request a Presentation

We are happy to offer class visits, presentations, and information tables about our services. These services are based on tutor availability. We are excited to collaborate whenever we can, but we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Please note that the class instructor or a TA must be present during the presentation.

Short Visits (5-15 minutes): A C4W tutor can visit your class to give a short presentation introducing your students to the C4W services.

Longer Presentations (20-50 minutes): A C4W tutor can present to your class on a specific writing topic of your choice. These presentations can involve class discussions and small activities.

Longer-than-an-hour Presentations: Only under exceptional circumstances are we able to provide these presentations. 

Info Fairs: We are happy to set up an information table at your event to help introduce students to the C4W. We can send a tutor or another staff member to hand out postcards, answer questions about our services, and in some cases, provide express tutoring on the spot. 

Presentation Policies: 

Before you request a presentation, please read the following: 

  • Please request your presentation as early as possible. We usually require at least 12-14 business days' notice. Requesting the presentation before or near the beginning of the semester will give you the highest chance of getting your preferred date.
  • We cannot always guarantee your preferred date.
  • The class instructor or a TA must be present during the presentation.
  • We strongly suggest you share examples of the types of documents the tutor will discuss with your class.
  • Class presentations should range from 5-50 minutes in length.
  • A presentation must not require the tutor to spend more than one hour in preparation.
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