Centre for Writers

Online Tutoring

Meet Our Tutors

The Centre for Writers offers online tutoring to U of A students who are physically unable to come to the C4W or are enrolled in:

  • Online or distance education courses
  • the Faculty of Extension
  • Practicums, work terms, or internships

If you are eligible for online tutoring, please read the important information below, then email your writing to c4wonline@ualberta.ca. Our online tutor will return your work with feedback within two business days. 

In your email, please include: 

  • Your course name, course number, and instructor’s name
  • Your assignment description (if applicable)
  • 3-5 focused questions or areas for your tutor to examine. For example:
    • Do I have a strong thesis statement?
    • Is my paper well-organized and easy to follow?
    • Am I doing in-text citations properly?
    • How can I strengthen my introduction and/or conclusion?

Please note that your tutor can only spend one hour reviewing your first draft, and 30 mins on a second draft. Therefore, your tutor may not be able to review longer projects like theses or dissertations. In this case, you may choose to send in one chapter or section of your project. 

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for online tutoring, please contact us for more information.