COVID-19 Online Tutoring

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our policies have changed to reflect our new online environment.

Booking Appointments

We use a scheduling software which allows you to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online from any computer or mobile device. Each appointment is 30 minutes and appointments start every half hour. You can use the online schedule to book a maximum of 2 scheduled appointments per week. They may be split appointments or back-to-back.

You can book appointments up to two weeks (14 days) in advance.

If you exhaust your two booked appointments but still need to see a tutor, you can drop in by emailing centreforwriters@ualberta.ca or chatting with centreforwriters@ualberta.ca on Google Chat (chat.google.com) at any time during operating hours to see if a tutor is free to meet with you. There is no limit to drop-in appointments.

Book an Appointment

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to make it to your appointment, you can cancel at any time prior to the start time.

If you miss an appointment without cancelling in advance, your appointment will be marked as "missed." After 2 missed appointments, your C4W account will be disabled until the end of the term. You will not be able to book any more scheduled appointments. Clients whose accounts have been disabled can still drop in.

Missed Appointments and Late Arrivals

You are responsible for remembering your appointments and for joining online tutoring on time. 

If you are more than 5 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, your appointment may be marked as "missed" and given away to another client who is waiting for a drop-in appointment.

After 2 missed appointments (this includes late arrivals) your C4W account will be disabled.

Change or Cancel an Appointment

Requests for Editing and Proofreading

The C4W is not an editing service. Our tutors help you make your own writing decisions by guiding, suggesting, and questioning. They do not edit your paper directly. Your tutor cannot provide content, evaluate, or grade your paper.

If you are a graduate student, instructor, or professor, you may benefit from the academic copy editing service offered by the Academic Success Centre.

Writing That is Not Your Own

C4W tutors cannot read over or comment on a draft written by someone else (e.g. a classmate, friend or relative). The tutor will only read over a draft and offer feedback if the author of that work is present and intending to represent that work as their own.

Documents Not Accepted

The C4W cannot help you with take-home exams, legal documents, or assignments written in a language other than English.

Client Code of Conduct

The C4W is proud to promote a collegial and respectful atmosphere. Disrespectful or harassing language or behaviour is not conducive to a healthy and professional environment and will not be tolerated. Tutors have the right to refuse service to anyone not following this code of conduct.

Requests for Outside or After-Hours Tutoring
  • C4W tutors cannot work with you outside of their scheduled hours or outside of the C4W office.
  • You cannot pay C4W tutors for private tutoring.
  • C4W tutors cannot answer individual questions over the phone or email.
  • We will not give out tutors' personal contact information.

The University of Alberta offers an online registry of private academic tutors; also, students will often advertise paid tutoring services on campus bulletin boards. The Centre for Writers is not affiliated with any paid tutor registry and will not recommend any one specific tutor.

Tutor Illness or Sudden Unavailability

The C4W tutors are students like you, and sometimes they get sick or become unavailable due to a last-minute emergency. In the event of tutor illness or emergency, The C4W may need to move your appointment to another tutor, or cancel your appointment on short notice. We will only cancel appointments when there is no other option (when no other tutor is available to take the appointment) and we do our best to keep those instances as infrequent as possible. On the rare occasion that we need to cancel your appointment, you will be notified by an email or phone call. We do our best to give at least an hour's notice.

We will do our best to reschedule you for another time. This is usually done by giving you first priority on the drop-in list.