Centre for Writers

Writing Groups

The Centre for Writers provides a limited number of spaces in advanced writing groups for international graduate students. The groups allow students to hone their writing skills with the help of a C4W facilitator who is trained to work specifically with international students. These writing groups enable international students to build on the content knowledge they already have and to acquire excellent writing, reading, and editing skills that will translate not only into better theses/dissertations, but also into better job opportunities and successful careers.

Each writing group accepts 10 students. Writing groups meet for two hours every week throughout the semester. Each session will offer one hour of writing skills instruction and one hour of writing practice on the participants’ own writing projects. The workload of our writing groups is equivalent to a 1-credit course. Students do not receive course credit, they but may be able to count their participation toward their graduate professional development requirements.

Participants will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on their own ongoing writing projects such as theses, dissertations, essays, presentations, articles, and proposals.

Build Writing Skills

Skills covered in writing groups could include:

  • Writing in the sciences
  • Advanced editing techniques
  • Finding and using academic sources
  • Improving style and clarity
  • Review of advanced English grammar
  • Mastering punctuation
  • Developing academic language
  • Writing an effective CV/ resume and cover letters
  • Writing a grant proposal
  • Writing an abstract
  • Writing research proposals

Support for Writing Groups

Since Winter 2016, more than 250 graduate students have benefited from our advanced writing groups. The C4W would like to thank the faculties of ALES, Arts, Engineering, Kinesiology, and Science, as well as University of Alberta International, for making these writing groups possible through their financial support. 

For more information about funding a writing group, contact Dr. Lucie Moussu at moussu@ualberta.ca.

Join a Group

Students must fill out an application form to be considered for a writing group. Limited spots are available, so not all students who apply will be accepted. Students are selected based on need and area of study. We strive to fill groups with students in similar programs. This ensures that students receive specific help relevant to their field. 

Eligibility: Writing groups are open to international graduate students only.

Fall 2018 Writing Groups

 ALES Writing Group

Tuesday, 3pm-5pm

Arts Writing Groups

Wednesday, 2pm-4pm

Thursday, 3pm-5pm

Kinesiology Writing Group

Tuesday, 2:30pm-4:30pm

MEng Writing Group 

Thursday, 5pm - 7pm

Science Writing Groups

Tuesday, 4pm-6pm

Wednesday, 4pm-6pm

All fall Writing Groups are now full.