Counselling & Clinical Services

Your Initial Consultation

Initial Consultations (ICs) are usually the first appointment that students have in order to access individual counselling, psychiatric, or group therapy services (drop-in workshops don’t require an IC). During an IC, our clinicians typically do the following:

  1. Understand your mental health needs and the support that you are seeking
  2. Understand your current level of mental health or illness, and your current level of safety
  3. Offer you the most appropriate available service based on your goals, and mental health needs. This may be either within CCS, or with an external resource, depending upon your needs and the current availability of resources
  4. Provide a supportive professional experience throughout the IC, along with helpful information and resources.
Note: ICs usually take approximately one hour to complete, and we recommend arriving 10 minutes before your appointment to complete the necessary initial forms. If preferred, a link to these forms may be obtained from reception, in order to complete them online in advance of your IC appointment.


Returning Clients
If you have already met with one of our staff or had an initial consultation within the past 4 months, you can phone us to book an appointment.