Counselling & Clinical Services


PositiveU aims to improve campus mental health and wellness by fostering greater resiliency in students and supporting the development of an open culture of caring about mental health and wellness.

Why Does Resiliency Matter?

Resiliency is the capacity to positively respond to life stressors. In the face of stressful life events, a more resilient student is able to decrease or minimize the negative impact of a stressor. A more resilient student can foster and maintain healthier coping in spite of the experience of distress. 

Resiliency is not just a personal skill set. Institutions, environments, and cultures can also be more or less resilient. Ultimately, improved resiliency occurs when people and institutions work together to foster a culture supportive of better mental health. In a resilient campus we actively demonstrate our caring, and find ways to support each other. A resilient campus has a culture that teaches and supports students to respond positively to life’s challenges, where it is safe to talk openly about mental health and wellness.

How You Can Get Involved

For faculty and staff, we have created a host of resources to help create and promote positive mental health for you and your students. Many of these tips are remarkably simple.

For students, we want to help you learn and practice the kinds of skills that will help you grow and learn from the challenges you experience at University.

About Us

A profound number of post-secondary students struggle with mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, relationship issues, and suicidal ideations. In response, PositiveU was created as a proactive measure to support student mental health and wellbeing at the University of Alberta. PositiveU programming aims to build resilience within the student body in order to enhance individual ability to cope with post-secondary life, improve overall campus mental health and wellbeing, and over time, reduce the number of mental health crises seen on campus.  

PositiveU was created by Jason Murray and Dr. Erica Dunn, psychologists at Counselling & Clinical Services. A team of student volunteers aids in the creation and delivery of PositiveU programming.