Counselling & Clinical Services

Faculty and Staff

As a staff or faculty member of the U of A, you can be a part of this program in several ways:

1. Explore our professor information package

This package offers you practical and tangible suggestions for ways you can support student mental health in the classroom.

  • Along with the strategies outlined in our package above, download and share our Mental Health Tips sheet and share a tip every week or month.

2. Direct students to a PositiveU workshop or attend yourself!

These workshops will help teach students to be more persistent in tough times, create positive emotions out of negative ones, and respond directly to life's challenges. 

3. Watch for us on campus

Our volunteers roam campus watching for and rewarding behaviours that promote wellness. From holding the door open for someone to saying hello to a stranger, don't be afraid to model positive behaviours. Who knows – maybe we'll catch you in the act! 

4. Have us give a brief, 5 minute presentation to your class

In this presentation, we help students learn how they can enhance their ability to cope with the inevitable stressors associated with their university career.