For Students

PositiveU wants to help you feel connected to the campus community and better able to withstand and recover from everyday stressors. As a U of A student, you can be a part of this program in several ways:

1. Attend a PositiveU workshop

Let’s face it, school can be tough. You have to go to class, finish assignments and ace that exam. Then there's work, and, oh yes, maintaining a social life. Days can get long, lonely and stressful. 

Attending a PositiveU workshop will help you learn how to respond positively to these challenges. Sessions will cover:

  • managing strong emotions and feelings,
  • fostering a positive view of yourself and your abilities,
  • learning how to be more motivated, courageous and persistent,
  • and setting realistic goals and developing the mindset to take decisive actions.

Sessions are free and run on a drop-in basis — no sign-up is necessary.

2. Watch for us on campus

The PositiveU team will regularly roam campus spotting examples of wellness promoting behaviour. Do you hold doors open for others, ask people how they're doing, or say hi to strangers? Watch out for us on campus, we might just catch you in the act!

3. Visit the PositiveU Lending Library 

Located in the Carlson Construction Quiet Lounge (SUB 0-90) in the SUB basement, the Lending Library has a host of self-help resources for you to explore. Sign out a book for free and return it a week later!

4. Attend a PositiveU event

Sometimes we just need to have fun. Each term, PositiveU will be hosting events that give you the chance to take a break from your studies and enjoy some time with friends. Why is this important? Because we know that having positive experiences is an important part of building individual resiliency.

Interested in being a PositiveU student volunteer? Email for more info!