Frequently Asked Questions: CCS Satellite Psychologists

If my faculty does not have a Satellite Psychologist, can I still access services?
Faculty, staff, and students from all disciplines and faculties can access services offered by Satellite Psychologists. To access services, phone the U of A Counselling & Clinical Services (CCS) at 780-492-5205 and let us know about your needs.
If I have a distressed student in my office, how can a Satellite Psychologist help?

You can phone a Satellite Psychologist for consultation; however, they are often providing assistance in client appointments and meetings and may not be available for immediate support (including walk-ins). As an alternative, you can phone CCS at 780-492-5205 and ask to consult with an alternate staff clinician. You will notified via phone when a clinician is available.

If you believe the student is in crisis and needs immediate support, contact Access 24/7 at 780-424-2424, UAPS at 780-492-5050, or the Distress Line at 780-482-4357.

Which students do Satellite Psychologists see for individual therapy?
Satellite Psychologists see undergraduate and graduate students from all faculties across campus.
If I'm concerned about a student, can Satellite Psychologists tell me how that student is doing?
Due to confidentiality restrictions Satellite Psychologists cannot provide anyone any information about a student who is accessing counselling without the expressed written consent of that student.
Can staff/faculty see a Satellite Psychologist for counselling?
To avoid a conflict of interest with university staff and faculty, Psychologists at CCS do not see U of A staff and faculty for therapy. Staff and faculty are eligible to access counselling through the University's Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).
How can I involve a Satellite Psychologist in a project that might touch on mental health?
Satellite Psychologists enjoy the opportunity to collaborate and we encourage you to contact your Satellite Psychologist to discuss your project and determine if they can help.
How can I request a presentation?
You can contact your Satellite Psychologist directly if you would like to request a presentation. If you do not have a Satellite Psychologist in your faculty, please refer to our workshops on-demand request process.
Why are Satellite Psychologists located outside of CCS?
The intention of the Satellite model was to decentralize mental health services in order to make supports more accessible and comfortable for students, and to build supportive and collaborative relationships between CCS clinicians and staff, faculty, and students around campus.
As a student, can the Satellite Psychologist advocate on my behalf in cases related to discipline or academic standing, for example?

Satellite Psychologists are only able to advocate for their ongoing clients in situations where it is appropriate and ethical to do so. This decision is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Before requesting documentation from a psychologist at CCS, please review our Letter Writing Policy.

If you are not currently seeing a psychologist, but need assistance with a discipline or academic standing matter, you are encouraged to reach out to the Office of the Student Ombuds.