Aboriginal Student Council

The Aboriginal Student Council (ASC) is a student group on campus that unites its members for fun, friendship, and learning. Our main goal is to strengthen our community, and communities across campus, and inclusive with First Nations, Inuit, Metis, and those who are non-aboriginal. The Aboriginal Student Council Executive is elected annually, during April to represent Aboriginal students at the University of Alberta (end of the year nominations and elections). To ensure that the Aboriginal student voice on campus is heard, ASC works closely with the First Peoples' House and in partnership with other faculties, and programs for events both on campus and in the community.

Our student space is located at 220 North Power Plant. We have a lounge area for students to relax, socialize on couches, and to study. A canteen, fridge, and limited locker space are also available for student use.

We organize various social events throughout the school year, including: potlucks, student inclusive events with other groups on campus, and within our ASC exec. Feel free to come and have a chat with any of our exec - we are opened to new events, and being inclusive with other students and members.