Healthy Campus Unit

What is the Healthy Campus Unit? 

The Healthy Campus Unit is a health promotion team working to support campus health and wellbeing by creating a healthy campus community at the University of Alberta. 

What Do We Do?

We want to create a culture of wellness at the U of A and we believe that everyone has the capacity to create an atmosphere of wellbeing through our everyday interactions. People, places, and language are all aspects that influence students’ learning and engagement, yet are encountered on a daily basis from the moment the day begins. Wellbeing is vital to student success. In striving for a healthy campus community, we strongly believe in the value of integrating the following health promotion strategies in the work we do on campus:

  • Expanding collaborations in health and working closely with partners
  • Developing health knowledge and skills
  • Conducting student health research to drive evidence based practice
  • Creating healthy, supportive campus environments

Who Are We?

The Healthy Campus Unit is made up of a team of student staff and volunteers, and two full-time staff members.

Melissa Visconti: The Team Lead of the Healthy Campus Unit, Melissa is currently an MSc student from the Centre for Health Promotion Studies at the U of A. She completed her bachelor's degree in psychology from McMaster University. Her current thesis work focuses on creating healthy built environments.

Student Team: Each year we have a group of amazing students who work with our Team Lead and Student Coordinator to make campus a better place to learn, work, and play. 

Student Volunteers: We have a group of engaged and passionate volunteers who work with us on all our initiatives around campus and have conversations about wellness with their fellow students. 

Major Initiatives

Unwind Your Mind: Unwind Your Mind was developed as a way to support students by transforming the library into a space that makes it easier for students to be well physically, socially, and emotionally. The initiative has been designed to foster student connectedness and bring resources to where students are studying.

Wellness ChampionsTo celebrate the efforts of students, staff, faculty and groups (student groups, services, departments, etc.) whose activities and initiatives are contributing towards a culture of wellness at the University of Alberta, The Healthy Campus Unit has launched the Wellness Champion awards to recognize those positively influencing the well-being of our campus community.

Wellness Grants: The Healthy Campus Unit offers grant funding to support the development of new student wellness initiatives at the University of Alberta. These grants serve as a way to support the efforts of our campus community in creating a culture of wellness on our campus.

National College Health Assessment: This survey is done every three years with the last one completed in 2013, and the next one is scheduled for 2016. This survey takes a look at the unique health needs of the university population and the results help shape the direction of our initiatives.