Healthy Campus Unit

Eligibility and Nomination Information


The Healthy Campus Unit believes we all make wellness and encourages nominators to consider the various factors influencing the well-being of our campus community and the different ways a culture of wellness can be created, shared, and promoted. All students, staff and faculty can nominate a person or group as a Wellness Champion. Self-nominations are also encouraged. All applications will be reviewed for their completeness. 

Evaluation Criteria

Nominators must demonstrate how the nominee has:
  • improved the well-being of the university community
  • been involved in initiatives, programs, processes or policies that have contributed to campus health.
  • positively influenced one or more of the factors influencing well-being ( e.g. physical, academic, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, environmental, and or career wellness)
Nominations will be reviewed with the following considerations:
  • the level impact or influence the nominee has had of the campus community. This may relate to a description of how the nominee had a lasting impression on an individual or group, collaborations or partnerships created, ideas sparked, wellness information shared and/or knowledge gained, and time commitment of the nominee to improving campus health.
  • the type of influence of the contribution on the campus community. This may relate to a description of actions, activities, and initiatives the nominee has either been a participant or leader. Some examples include connecting peers to resources on campus, offering workshops, bringing groups together to work on wellness-related projects, considering campus health in processes and policies, etc.
  • to degree to which the nominee has influenced various dimensions of well-being on campus.
  • the completeness and uniqueness of the application