Get Involved

Healthy Campus Unit Student volunteers commit 3-5 hours/week where they spend their time planning and implementing HCU initiatives on campus. There are plenty of opportunities to refine skills in program planning, marketing, social media communication, and thinking of fun ways we can support student wellbeing at the University of Alberta. Being a volunteer is also a wonderful way to meet campus stakeholders and to work in collaboration to improve campus health. 

To hear more about the student volunteer experience with the healthy campus unit, check out what some of our student members have to say:

"I have been involved with the healthy campus unit for 2 years and there are plenty of reasons for why I've stayed with the team. For one, an incredible team dynamic and working with like-minded and motivated individuals who value and encourage health and wellness. Secondly, you are given tasks often based on your interests and where you'd like to grow. For me, public speaking was my weak point and the HCU has helped me grow in that aspect and has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone in other areas too. I highly recommend you apply if you're passionate about health and wellness and are keen to learn more about health promotion, community engagement, and planning and implementation tasks on campus-wide initiatives!" - Linda, 4th Year, Faculty of Science Honors Physiology

"I joined the HCU because I am passionate about improving the state of student wellness on campus. As a member of the HCU, I have learned that student wellness is so much more than just working out and taking mental breaks. I have learned ways to improve my own wellness in all aspects, not just physical and mental. It has been so rewarding to assist in creating programs for students that genuinely make a difference in their lives; and on top of all of this, I have made so many wonderful friendships while working as a part of such a genuinely kind and supportive team.

The HCU has changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined, and I have been able to change the lives of so many students, making my time at the university feel so fulfilling." -Taylor, 3rd Year, Faculty of Science Physiology


Are you interested in volunteering? Volunteer recruitment will start up again in November for Winter 2020.