Healthy Campus Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply as an individual? Or do I need a team?
Individuals can apply, but due to the nature and scope of work to initiate and implement a project, team applications are encouraged.

If I’ve received funding before, can I apply for a second time?
Projects need to be new projects to be considered, even if your past project has received funding. You cannot apply for additional funding for a project that already received a grant. Preferential consideration may be given to applicants who have not received funding before.

Can I apply more than once?
If you were unsuccessful, you will receive feedback on your submission. You can choose to reapply at another time.

Do I need to provide references on my application?
No. References are not required.

Can staff apply?
Yes. The Healthy Campus Unit intends to build a healthier campus for all its members, including staff, students, and faculty.

I’m looking for funding for an existing project, program, or activity that is ongoing. Am I eligible?
No. Only new projects will be considered. Ongoing or existing projects or programs are not eligible for the grant. Likewise, initiatives that fall within an existing operational program as part of regular business activities are also ineligible. The project must be one that is unique, over and above or apart from ongoing programs.

My project is intended to enhance an existing program. Am I eligible?
Yes. Projects that aim to build on an existing, regular program or enhance existing activities, and can be sustainable past funding, are eligible. Please note, however, that it must be very clear in your application that the project is over and above the existing program, and not just part of regular activities. If it is merely a regular part of an existing project or program or part of ongoing operations, it will not be eligible.

Who can I contact for more information on the Wellness Project and application criteria?
Please contact Melissa Visconti, Project Manager, The Wellness Project at or 780-492-0297 for more information.


What is the maximum amount my project can receive?
Grants are awarded up to a maximum of $5000 per project. You will be required to submit financial reports indicating the funds are being used solely for the project.


Wellness is a broad topic. What type of projects can be funded?
Creativity in interpreting what wellness means to you and your team is encouraged. Wellness is a diverse concept and we look forward to many different applications reflecting that diversity.

Projects need to demonstrate a commitment to enhancing or creating wellness for the campus community. This could be around the topics of stress, nutrition, fitness, mental health, career awareness, skills-building, social connectedness, or the physical environment, just to name a few examples. Any initiative that aims to foster a culture of wellness will be considered.

Why do I need to evaluate my project?
Evaluation ensures frequent check-ins to ensure the project is on track, on budget, and on time. Ongoing monitoring is essential to learn what’s working or what’s not working as soon as possible in order to make adjustments. Evaluation supports overall success of the project and demonstrates an awareness and commitment to a quality outcome. It allows the project team to show they have achieved their initial goals and quantify the difference the project made.

What if I am not working with any partners right now for my project?
If you do not have partners yet, you are required to demonstrate how you will build partnerships in your project, and who your intended partners are. Our administration team may be available to mentor you in establishing connections and partnerships. Building partnerships is important because creating and improving connections are a key component of creating a campus that supports health, fostering a sense of community, and building capacity for wellness.

What are some examples of projects that have been funded?
  • StandUp! – development and implementation of a mobile app that encourages students to inject social physical activity into their days and reduce the time they spend being sedentary.
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Centre – new programs to offer facility orientation, fitness classes, personal training services, and group exercise program design to improve the foundation of student fitness and wellness in a safe and effective manner.
  • StressLess – a peer-organized strategy to decrease stress and improve awareness of mental health issues and resources, including a website and student-led, group activity-based stress management strategies.

What does sustainability mean?
To sustain the project after funding completion means it and/or its benefits will be able to keep going and continue to be realized by the campus community. The Wellness Project intends to make the strides gained by all projects part of the fabric of the campus environment for the long term.

Applicants therefore need to demonstrate at the outset that they have a plan in place to sustain the project after funding completion. This can include ways to source additional funding, developing transition documents, and strengthening partnerships.

Adjudication and Review

What is the review process?
After the submission deadline, applications are reviewed by the adjudication committee (or Healthy Campus Unit administration team, for project budgets of less than $1000.) The committee scores each submission according to the award criteria scoring rubric. The goal is to have this process completed in about two weeks. The applicants are then notified of the committee’s funding decision.

What are the criteria for receiving an award?
A score of 3 out of 4 must be received in the following criteria to receive funding:
  • makes an important contribution to support student wellness at the University of Alberta
  • builds partnerships and collaborations
  • creates opportunities for staff and student engagement
  • considers the sustainability of the project beyond funding time frame
  • considers how the project outcomes will be evaluated and monitored
  • budget
  • overall quality of work

When will I know if I’m successful?
Applicants will be informed of the adjudication committee’s decision within 4–5 weeks of the closing deadline for the month in which the submission was made.

What if I am not successful?
If your project was not successful in securing funding, you will be given feedback on your submission. You can choose to amend the application and re-apply.