Healthy Campus Unit

Funded Projects 2013-2014

Relaxation Superstation

The Relaxation Superstation project aims to encourage campus community members to take a moment out of their busy days to reflect and relax. It is a mobile cart with teas, aromatherapy, and chair massage that allows users to spend a minute or two in relaxation, collect their thoughts, and then continue on with their day. The portable equipment can create a space for relaxation anywhere on campus, injecting a moment of calm into a busy day in a wide variety of physical locations. The project aims to address stress through small moments of relaxation and reflection.


Being a student can mean long bouts of being sedentary, sitting and studying. StandUp! aims to change that, by infusing short moments of social physical activity into students’ days. It is a mobile app that, at set intervals, prompts users to take a short break for some guided physical activity such as a short walk or simple stretches. It also enables users to invite a friend to complete the activity with them, breaking the isolation many students can experience when studying. The goal is to give students a short burst of physical activity and social activity, and return to their studies refreshed. StandUp! encourages small, healthy behaviours that can add up throughout the day, all while forging positive social connections.

Fitness and Lifestyle Centre

The Fitness and Lifestyle Centre brings three new programs to campus with its Wellness Project. It includes weekly Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) centre orientation and free fitness classes; weekly question and answer sessions on exercise technique with a personal trainer; a monthly group fitness assessment and exercise program design, including feedback regarding best practices for improvement. The new programs aim to address a gap in knowledge of how to use equipment, basic exercises, and other questions a personal trainer could address.

East Campus Residence Dodgeball League

Dodgeball: an active way to de-stress and promote fitness. For the East Campus Residence Hall Association, it also means a way to build community and unity. As a residence made up of mostly apartment-style units, East Campus Residences looked for a way to increase social interactions and a sense of community pride. Their Wellness Project increases the number of games available as well as holds tournaments with other campus residences. The goal is to use fun and fitness as a way bring members of the East Campus residences together, as well as foster connections across campuses to reduce isolation and build a stronger sense of belonging with the broader U of A community.