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Reading Week

U of A Reading Week

Sticking around campus during Reading Week?

This time of the year is often stressful for students, as school work begins piling up and preparation for final exams begins. Winter Reading Week, February 21-24, 2017, is a great opportunity to relax, get some extra sleep, get caught up on readings and assignments, and to plan for the remaining days ahead.

Tips and Strategies

How to make the most of your reading week
Start the week off by learning how to catch up, plan ahead, and take a break.

How to get through all your reading
Whether you have one reading to complete or twenty, create a step-by-step plan to complete them all.

Understanding procrastination and kick-starting your productivity
Can't seem to get started on your assignment? These useful strategies will help you get productive now.

Taming your technology to deal with distractions
Stop wasting time with technology and increase your time spent on academics, sleep, and relaxation this week.

How to successfully plan for final exams
Get started on your studying for final exams using these strategies.

The art of sleep
How to get in those 8 hours of sleep each night and the best types of naps you can take this week.

Exercise for your academics
3 easy ways you can get exercise this week.